Sunday , March 26 2023

The survivors of the deadly Biedma are transported to Cordoba.


Jonathan Sanzana is recommended for specialist hospitals to continue critical care and to treat people with severe burns.

Jonathan Sanzana, the only survivor of a fire in the vicinity of Jati in Biedma, where his wife and six children have died, is stable and can be referred to within the next few hours as a center for burn treatment.

The epoch was confirmed by José Rovasio, director of the Jati Hospital. He explained that a 30-year-old man "presents 65% of burns to most human bodies of type AB."

"The patient leaves the operating room 14. The recovery was normal after the operation." The doctor added that he had done several studies to monitor him and explained that he continued to have respiratory mechanics for burns in the pharyngeal coma . His condition is stable.

"Given these conditions, the procedure has begun and we need to contact the patient's care agency," he explained.

He explained that they had contacted the Del Quemado de Córdoba Hospital, and the confirmation is expected to be delivered to the public.

The doctor explained that the situation could be attended and that the person can be referred to within the next few hours as the medical device waits for the health directive to depart from Buenos Aires.

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