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The social movement is a kirchnerizan, conversation goes back and tension grows.


New scenarios of fragmentation of social organization and partisan intervention trigger loopholes in the public space and warning the government. Almost three years after negotiations, agreements, concessions and mutual benefits, reality is beginning to change dramatically. The economy, beginning with the election and climaxing the crisis, provides objective conditions that jeopardize the unstable equilibrium peace that coexists with civil servants and social leaders.

Increasing tension, unfinished conventions, cutting the streets without warning, radicalization of discourse, interspecific competition for more profit for each organization (or each new part), step-wise expansion of demands. These are signals and facts that the government began to register with concern two months ago. A rising trend was seen last week and hostile proposals were forced on Wednesday. On that day, a demonstration that completely halted traffic on 9 de Julio Avenue surprised the general public in the social movement. It is recognized within the organization that the measures have been adopted without ample internal discussion without sufficient difficulty. The moderates were drawn to their fiercest competition. It will hinder the fragile England situation.

Everything indicates that no one wants to lose a poster in an opposition dispute. The latter will not be so easy. The partisan drift of social leaders is depriving space for the most interactive and sympathetic civil servants of social issues.

Juan Grabois, a leader of the Popular Workers' Movement (CTEP) and a close relationship with the pope, explained the beginning of a new stage when he invited Cristina Kirchner to court. Cause of corruption notebook.

Strictly speaking, the Moyano clan must have a starting point at 9 de Julio Avenue on February 21, surrounded by other social objects such as Grabois and Barrios de Pie's Daniel Menéndez. Then victorious Cegetista Juan Carlos Schmid; He led Máximo Kirchner, who was on stage with two CTA leaders and a large delegation of Kirchner delegations, Hugo Yasky and Pablo Micheli.

Until then, dynamic approaches and mergers have begun in the areas of actors and actors who did not hide (and emphasize) differences in origins, military power, ethical behavior, political business and power construction. Despite a number of inconsistencies, some of those who have been suspicious since the end of the Kirchner government are now beginning to converge on the clash with the government and the culmination of Christina. There are many reasons, but the illusion of restoring power even if the popularity of the government deteriorates due to the economic crisis is a powerful engine for all. Jaqueados for Justice as well as Kirchnerists who lost control of the national state and Buenos Aires, or Moyano. It is also from the Department of Social Development, led by Caroline Stanley, in particular, to the leaders of social organizations, in spite of the almost privileged treatment they particularly enjoy. There is a core of the problem in terms of management. Stanley was a trusted advisor to social leaders, but he was an experienced manager who took over the intermediary power and cracked the client network and managed the resources allocated to the country's most vulnerable sector. In addition to social planning, it includes other donations such as local restaurants, snack bars and funds to maintain a variety of ventures that are most needed. In addition to a large group of the best known leaders in this universe, the national government and the María Eugenia Vidal organizations also operate Catholic and Evangelical churches and small organizations that work more closely. Expression of power and conflict.

Juan Gravoa
Juan Gravoa Source: LA NACION

If the policy of reducing the intermediary of aid is intensified, the capital of the social leader becomes difficult. Even if the economic situation does not improve, the likelihood of entering the world of official work for the vast majority of the excluded states of support continues to decline. The power lies in the ability to manage and mobilize aid. There is a first test. Now it is the last time. To her, they hired a leader and nowadays many people are offering him policy. The government suggests that Moyano brought resources to maintain the ability to occupy the streets.

Economic crises and political effects have a paradoxical impact and help explain the construction of new scenarios. The government has weakened but has not lost the core of support and the new actor has not yet disputed its representative. He did not show any space under the condition to move from the main opposition place to Kirchner.

Polarization maintains political order. Given the prospect that the ruling camp will compete when the 2019 presidential election and McGee are re-elected, the approach that Gravia began with Christina followed a number of social leaders, including those who have escaped from Kirkenes. Fernando (Chino) An example of Evita Movement led by Navarro and Emilio Persico. I have recently met and received something else from the pardon that the former president has offered to those who have entered.

A little further away, Barrios de Pie and Daniel Menéndez lead in the approach and final joining process. Menéndez and Victoria Donda took their first steps towards a conversation with Kirchner in Libres del Sur, but with Cristina they kept the difference and the question "Grownois stroked his head". The department subtracts negotiating power from those who want to add people who manage power and join in without losing their identity and relevance. But Grabois tends to frustrate everyone as it has done lately. After a passionate former presidential defense, he criticized Kirchner's corruption and blamed many leaders. Like Lilita Carrió on the other side.

The special achievements of internal and other leaders and sectors, such as July 9 last week, have affected everyday life and political reality.

The government is pleased to monitor the social situation on a daily basis, to get to know the complex situation, and to be helped.

In the last week of November, the Heads of State and the G-20 summit will be able to inform everyone's eyes of the December game that is waiting for us on the street. The government expects the Summit to bring external benefits, and expects it to reorganize itself internally. Kirkensism will become part of those who protest the international passion of the ruling party and will once again prove it against great power. It is not just an ideology. Anything that will improve Macri's situation and increase the likelihood of a management collapse will not be well received. Every time he is comfortable among the radicals.

The moderates of both sides have tremendous challenges and huge opportunities to avoid imposing extreme positions. It would not be easy. Regardless of the guardian and cost of the order, the arsonist is not only Argentina

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