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The Sensitivity of Canapino: "I had more ass or head" – 12/09/2018

"I had more donkey or head." Without a hugged Agustín Canapino laughing that happiness played an important role in his consecration in Road Road. "This definition was to create a movie. After what happened Manu (Urcera) in # series, I felt unhappy. I thought it was all over, that there were no more chances. But life taught me always to come back stronger. So we played nothing or nothing to lose. And what, perhaps, what happened in the series, was a sign of God, "said the three times champion.

"I had the good fortune that I was a champion, but happiness has to be helped", made the Chevrolet pilot. For that reason, although he himself almost did not believe in chance, he came to the finals with a good thought strategy.

"We have spent much of the weather with my old man, we have more than an hour of analyzing the clouds and said: There is a chance of rain, so let the grooves of & # 39; 39 and put it clean, and it was good, so thank my old man, that's a genius, and God came to this title, and for all those who have supported me, commented de arrecifeño.

Papá Alberto made clear the reason for the title: "Money makes speed, but does not cost any talent."

The recent celebration in San Nicolás had a taste for revenge for Agustín, after which the titles of Super TC2000 and Top Race escaped from him.

Agustín Canapino, an epic champion in Road Tourism.
Photo: ACTC Press

Agustín Canapino, an epic champion in Road Tourism.
Photo: ACTC Press

The first lost it in the first day. It was launched on November 4 in 200 kilometers from Buenos Aires. On that day, the arrecifeño saw how his partner Franco Vivian was shot by a fire in # 39; Chevrolet Cruze went on sharing them. That made 23 points under Facundo Ardusso. A battle that could not be repealed.

Around the last day of the Top Race on December 2, RíoCuarto hit Canapino with chances, while the fourteen to ten were fighting for a title that was not long ago. In the Cordovan autodrome he climbed the stage, but He did not need the victory. And the triumph of Nestor Girolami dedicated his brother Franco, who was over Canapino over a single point.

"I recently lost two championships, my roles were very good, but also because I was struggling." Here's the same thing with me, but the other way around. That's motorsport, so this sport is so nice, "commented Arrecifeño.

And he concluded: "I won this championship with my team, with my hospitality and with great investments in work, money and time, to make every year just things to do, and with a good luck."

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