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The Red Dead Online Beta is now available for all game owners


When you visit the news, you will likely know that the beta is Red Dead Online, the multiplayer component of Red Dead Redemption 2, started this week. Initially, only a few players were available. Fortunately, that changes a few hours ago and now all western owners can come in online mode.

So, if you're the ordinary issue Red Dead Redemption 2 and you do not have to play in the first days, you can now enter the index mode. To do this you need to select the option just from the main menu of the game. Note that you must first install the latest update of the game.

As Rockstar the meanings for opening the Beta doors for everyone, why should they wait until today? According to the company declared us in a press release, it was a decision that was made to ensure that their servers wanted the whole traffic.

"To make the process of adjusting our servers and systems to the large number of players, we make them in & # 39; week into weekly, up to 30, 30, in which the Beta is open for all those who have a copy of Red Dead Redemption 2. This procedure will ensure that the servers can handle the presence of simultaneous players at the beginning of the bet, and we hope that the fall of the possibility is in & # 39; the start-starter phase, disappears Rockstar.

We take advantage of the fact that we talk about Red Dead Redemption 2 to tell you that a new cloth is inspired by this title now available. On the other hand, we believe you must be interested in knowing that it has been a success on & # 39; the market, as far as it has already sold the sale of its first delivery. To conclude, tell you that an individual received various injuries to call the suspect Red Dead Redemption 2.

Red Dead Redemption 2 It is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You can know more about it when clicking here or reading our review.

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