Friday , May 7 2021

The reactions of Boca reporter Daniel Mollo are for any purpose by the river in Superfinal

"They will make me sick". That was the meaning of Daniel Mollo In & # 39; transfer from & # 39; The Superfinal in Madrid between the River and the Boca Lucas Pratto scored the temporary knees. It was a real joke after Darío Benedetto's 1-0 and in his supplementary face changed.

In both Juan Fernando Quintero could only silently and reported: "Boca loses with the river 2 to 1". In the background was a debt.

Then there was time out the injury of Fernando Gago. "The man from Boca fell in. Gago fell apart and the victim, no, Gago, did not break the balls," he said arbitrarily. But immediately after realizing the importance of his injuries: "It gives me the feeling that he broke." Gago writes … Boca plays with 9 ".

During the transfer Koöperaasje Radio With Boca de Selección they were very critical of the performance of Leonardo Jara, one of those who came out of the bank. And they suffer from the shot that hit the post. Mollo called the goal not and then it was not a spirit to tell Pity Martínez's 3-1. "This is how we are, destroyed", was heard about the microphones.

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