Friday , October 22 2021

The price list is in the GNC | Desde el sábado costa …


The Natural Gas Compressor (GNC) has been suspended on December 1, 2007 at a rate of 14.3 per cent in the Ciudad de Buenos Aires. Así, the metro cube for 14 pesos and 16. This year, the GNC has acquired a 65th anniversary of the season, in the wild and the gas.

The bottoms are the same as the gas meter in the pocket. It has been the largest number of people since 2002. The commemoration of this year, the precursor of the Cuban metro is 9,65 pesos. In the Ciudad de Buenos Aires, the value of the GNC is a 55th most cautious bar of the fuels that are flammable, different from the fact that they are not in the rest of the country.

The more expensive things in Santiago del Estero are: 23.15 pesos is the precursor of the metro cube. Mientras, Chubut ya tiene los valores que regirán en Buenos Aires desde el próximo sábado. In the meantime, it is the motto of the car's conversation following the GNC. The October octane comparative average of 71.3 per cent.

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