Wednesday , June 16 2021

The premises of sexual abuse at a Duki show: the VIP bathroom and a mysterious black man

Border Town It was at the edge of low capacity (some say that at & # 39; other side of & # 39; s allowed). The locations of the biggest bowling in "Costume" were fleeting because they played Friday morning Duki, the Absolute King of a local staircase. Romina (the name is fictitious to protect your identity), 20 year old Cordovan tourist, he had bought a table with his friends in & # 39; e VIP of disc discs. Even when the show started, the girl went to the bathroom. And after him came a man in a black shirt with whom they had: He closes her, defeats her mouth, slaughters her and sexually abuses her. Then he fled. No one knew about him.

The rape is inside the interior at 4 o'clock a VIP bathing suit from Limit Town. Product of taste and state of & # 39; A battle, Romina despises some details. But don't forget how everything's all happened. Resources accessed to the file confirmed what they had moved before yesterday Infobae from the hospital in Villa Gesell: the girl had been wounded due to flaky access and brothers on her arm, as a result of & # 39; e abuser.

Romina had to take the rapist minutes. According to the first studies, it was determined that the man did not have any of the VIP tables (they cost $ 15,000 in one night), but he had agreed to wear a bracelet. They had the talks. In a first statement, the victim said she was talking for 40 minutes, but when responding to the security videos of the bowling lesson with the researchers, he realized that it was much less time.

Mar, They only provided the bathroom. Probably because Duki was already singing, there was no number but Romina in place. Then she was one of the sleepers, the man came. He wore a black shirt and blue pants. I have no tattoos or piercings.

The man He grabs them, has decided to talk to them and began to blow them. Romina he defeated him with kicks. He could not prevent the man from passing her through. Finished & # 39; he finished, let's go and she was shocked. Minutes later he returned and went to tell his friends that they were at the table they had bought. "It was a sexually deceived, it was violent and left behind ", he said Infobae one of & # 39; s researchers e matter.

After a while, the girl went to destroy the unfaithfulness of the Pueblo Limite supervisors, who were immediately known to the local police. The situation reached the Pinamar procurer Juan Pablo Calderón, that was not a duty (so passed on to his colleague Verónica Zamboni), at 6 o'clock in the morning.

At that time the police had already a operative bolt in one of Villa Gesell's access to find the abuser. They weren't successful. From Friday on, specialties from Buenos Aires province and the Prosecutor's Office all specialized details of the Pueblo Limite security cameras. Romina is found in every moments they have described. He can't be found.

His clothes were just, and he had no clothing market identity. They know what is Buenos Aires or Buenos Aires "" For the tune, "said Romina," who has a dark complex, but it does have special features: no tattoos or piercings.

Romina also sees the video's, but that doesn't help now. Attorney Zamboni made a statement for all friends of & apos; s girls. "The victim gave it data that matches" # ~ "two children, it is difficult to put it in a deep storm situation," addressed sources in the case.

Scientific police officers attempted to revamp the crime sector, where they found "many traces", according to a source that reported this medium. They found spots of blood and other elements. The researchers, however, are being investigated because there are no witnesses: the bathroom was empty when the man had attacked Romina, who had returned to Cordoba with Cordoba.

From the rack of Instagram Pueblo Limite was issued a statement. There they acknowledged the facts and stated that they were "available to the victim, his family and the researchers".

The night fan Duki It was not far from the best of mythical geese bowling. Several young people wounded "avalanches" and overgrown in social networks. Some are called as "another Cro-Magnon".

In a published statement and then they have been acknowledged themselves there were wounded and that "warned that the physical integrity of our competitors was put at risk" They finally let the sound off and cancel the show.

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