Monday , May 17 2021

The PowerDolphin underwater drone is here to help

If you think of drunk, do you think about their flying in the sky right? Now that's just one type of drone, this summer, you can expect to find them under water.

PowerVision brings its world-multifunctional waterfront for Australia, which benefits Austie fishermen, diverters and water sports.

Equipped with a 220-dual-joint rotation camera, the PowerDolphin can capture 4K Ultra High Definition Footage in the heart of the surf action. The camera can rotate 70 degrees above water and 150 degrees below the water, and sends real-time 1080 pixel to your mobile phone through the Vision + app.

The drone has a very exciting maximum transmissiploma of 1 km. Meanwhile, the drone in waterways do not show the clear blues in the photo shoot to make the bigger picture bigger photos. # 39; s to increase in various water companies, the drone contains fascinating lights.

PowerDolphin provides an intelligent fishing experience with an integrated PowerSeeker that keep fish of fishermen. The PowerSeeker detects fish within a line of about 40m and travels to the full-sized fishing rod with the GPS built-in GPS to plant the ocean floor.

This top technology will hunt animals, feed fish, release taut and fish, and further a fish rod. Once the fish is running, the PowerDolphin will automatically return to the controller.

The PowerDolphin can travel at a speed of 5m per second, faster than the Olympic race for the 100m freestyle. An easy-to-use technology for Australian lifesaver, PowerDolphin uses 3 speed limits to make it easier and easier to remove slippers, lifebuoys and other rescue equipment quickly and efficiently. The drone accepts a first responder and strong swimmers and lounges may incur emergency services.

PowerVision has revolutionized the drone industry and once used PowerRay, the world's first underwater tutor. With a 4K UHD camera and streamlined design, the dynamic video and photography of life under the sea can be traced to a terrifying depth of 30 m.

"The PowerDolphin is a new lifestyle robot that is not only suitable for Australian water sports, photography and fisheries, but can also help protect the corridors with rescue operations.

PowerDolphin offers a new perspective of life under the sea and can provide marine scientists with underwater charts, and also help discover and distinguish Australia's naval marine life. "

Wally Zheng, the founder and director of PowerVision.

The PowerDolphin is available before It costs you in $ 1,299 compared to many aerial drones.

The company also produces another underwater drone called the Power Ray that is available through its website for A $ 2,299

Today, in # guidance to Christmas Day, until the end of Dember, they give a 30% discount from the PowerRay.

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