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The Obelisk, enabled for the celebration – 23/11/2018


The Festivals of Copa Libertadores champion are another chapter for the Superclásico. Is that after several back and forth, the security forces of # Buenos Aires accept the celebration of the fans of # The winner can be performed in Obelisco. The main reason why the decision has motivated? That La Bombonera will be closed by Thursday and can not be opened to get the player.

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& # 39; It may be the celebration of the celebration of the # Championship. From Nación we are here to work, the organization will be more dependent on urban security, "said Guillermo Madero, director of Sports Show Safety in TyC Sports. He said, "It's a symbolic place, many people have to go, we think it's right to do that."

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The obelisk will wait for the fans of the winner.

About the ability of Xenize in & # 39; The monumental council was dedicated, the officer spoke about the conditions in which the club lifted the cup. "The guarantees are given, Conmebol is a plan for a ceremony that is as quick as possible and then delve people who want them, whether on Obelisk or at one or the same time as the stadium , "he said.

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Ultimately, he speaks about the importance of the relevant documentation so there is no problem in the addition of the Millionaire stadium. "It is very important that people come three hours before the game comes with a nominee handset and DNI come in time, but not for 13, what's the time that the door opens." , he points out.

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The monumental, ready for the festivities. (REUTERS / Marcos Brindicci)

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