Monday , June 14 2021

The night of a fire month: how to see the sky in & # 39; e total eclipse

From 23:36, the month will introduce a total mouth – and visible orange – according to specialists could become a better show than a firework.

You can see it across the country and South America. Every camp loses every camp in Argentina, in every last field There will be no better program than lying on the grass to see the sky. For a night, the protagonist won't be Orion's gur, nor Osiris, nor the Dre Marys. As in a magic show, when you look up, the entire month will disappear for a long time.

As anticipated, For hours, you see how the month is moving and changing color. Is that it is not a simple back cover where & # 39; s a shadow of the month, but, suddenly, you'll be in & # 39; see a night of a kind of orange spiral.

Scientists state that this is happening to & # 39; t In these phenomena, the mood of the sun bears in the & # 39; a shadow you rented the month, and gave the quality of that light ("which corresponds to the wells of red and orange", point from the Planetarium of Buenos Aires), What you see is a strange scale as fire.

An overview of what can be determined, step by step:

-At 23.36 the month will come in the sun, the "extreme shadow" that the earth generates in relation to the sun. Although it is the beginning of the process, nothing is still seen right now.

When listed on Monday at 00.34 the month in & nbsp; This is: the thick shadow cake it forms on the surface of the earth. It's what if the fragment of the outside world can't be seen here because the earth is in between.

– If clock 1.41 shows on Monday, the month will be in absolute shade, illuminated by earth. It will be the beginning of the call Total, the most impressive stage of the phenomenon according to the specialists of the Planetarium. This stage will last for 1 hour and 2 minutes and its critical moment will be 2.12. "In total, the month will be poorly lit with a soft reddish-orange color", raises the web from & # 39; e observatory.

– Perfection will end at 2.43, if the month starts from & # 39; The rest of the light will be & # 39; stand a header: in & # 39; the next 67 minutes, the white and intense direct central light will display the & # 39; eat tomorrow. The month will be completely out of order at 3.50, marking & # 39; an end of the most interesting part of a phenomenon.

What will follow? If you've been sleeping before, try to watch YouTube or Instagram or even on television. They'll run images in the men's and women's networks trying to capture it for them. One thing is the key: in a few times, such as tonight, it will be so important that a telescope has one. Or at least an airglass. When the cosmos darkens, it is always good to see.

In Buenos Aires there is a separate show

Those that aren't in your city are seeing their own show. It's that The Galileo Galilei Planetarium organized a plan to create a chic and enjoy the phenomenon.

In addition to special telesales arranged for the occasion, a number of jazz and foreign talks will be held. From 22.30 hours the public will be released in Sarmiento and Figueroa Alcorta.

For the astronomical spectacle there will be a musical. A duo of blues and jazz composed Juan Cuiñas (guitarist and singer) and Nahuel Castrillon (harmonicist) play until it is time for the mouth.

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