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The Jews make it to the month – tablets

Look for the circle with & # 39; laser & # 39 ;, & # 39; Spaceil & # 39; co-founder Yonatan Weintraub explicitly told me on Saturday 9:25 pm on Thursday night. Infidelity, the Israel-built moon magazine and the first private building object to enter the month, would begin its final distance to the surface. The art museum is closed in a very elliptical orbit, which had to travel to 25 kilometers over 10 kilometers above its lying zone. The spacecraft would then trace a semi-row gate to the store itself. At one kilometer from the height would come a "dot of not come back" and all engines begin to drive to drain the landscape, which just traveled a few minutes earlier at 6,000 miles the hour. The fire engine would offer the onboard fuel that would be aborting to any job.

The landing process was fully automated under one kilometer, making & # 39; t the fault of & # 39; leading the way of human control, when the definitive approach was started. But Weinraub says that three kilometers above the surface, short for "no return", use Bereshit a laser-based system to determine its total distance from a location. It was the only critical mission component that was not yet discussed in any room. "If it remains, if the laser has data, it's a big, big milestone," he said. "That jumps our chances of landing dramatically."

SpaceIL's individuals, founders, traitors, and ornamented journalists were gathered in 100 at the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) campus in Yahud. The anonymous structure, especially north of Ben Gurion's airport, is where Israel's satellites are designed and monitored; IAI was the main entrepreneur for SpaceIL and built Beresheet. Winning streak and his co-founders, Kfir Damari and Yariv Bash, sat in an auditorium following a window that did not look to the check-in, leaving the entry into a loft from the atrium of the building. In & nbsp; a nearby lobby was a golden front & # 39; a diameter of a large aviation and the thickness of a washing machine, that up to four spindle metal insect files with piping, panels and mirrored sensors into a memory of & # 39; a cosmic abyss.

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Is it true to be surreal, do you stand next to a mockup of a spacebox that it has helped in existence? I asked Kfir Damari, with the landing only half an hour away. "I think it's more surreal that this is the mockup and the real one is no longer here," he replied.

A string of dignitaries suggested the model Beresheet. Offering even the baklava and because of pretzels in the background of the building are details for the historical record: Here's what we were eating & nbsp; Israel became the fourth country at & # 39; month. This was an important night before in Yisrael and medicine Yisrael, Israel Aerospace Industries board chair chair Harel Locker told the public minutes ahead of the planning launch, a copy of a drawing by an Auschwitz improvisation that Ilan Ramon offered in 2003 to the famous Columbia mission in 2003. Premier Benjamin Netanyahu, a tower of calculations and statues, made emotions exciting out of character before he dealt with the auditorium, as if tears and laughter were struggling to conquer him first.

Every second felt heavy enough to break. The Jews, who found and persecuted for millions, planted their flag and their book in a month, where & # 39; they always stay. However, Bash said, it was important to remember that along with the Hebrew Bible, the complete Gutenberg collection of global literature was almost "a trade," on business companies in & # 39; The text, the size of the spices. "If aliens came in one million years and now the earth found all dust, there will still be something to tell our story."

In & # 39; a control room, there & # 39; s the prime minister with each of & # 39; e 20 or so engineers and techniques shook, it was a drawing reading: "Am Yisrael Chai: Small land, great dreams." Here, in a rude building between a runway airport and Supersol shopping mall, Israel would reach the sublime. There would be a red and eternal moment of wonder and joy coming into the whole world and echoing through history: dream and reality are being dissipated, and by all the greatness and grief and doubt, we would see all Israel, 39 We have it.


The last screen contains a pixelated Beresheett computer image at a legitimate store and a height of 149 meters, so far from its rising surface and the midfield of the Empire State Building is from & # 39; a 34th street. The laser light was light green – this piece of the puzzle was at least set up. The engines were off, and fuel was up to 76 kilos, a fourth of what it was then & # 39; when the arrival began. There was a serious final minute of doubling: Telemetry was lost. Then it was back. Contact was lost. After that, the system was re-deployed from & # 39; a ground. Communication was postponed
were they back?– But the engines were off. It had all been so good.

"The spacecraft does exactly what it should do right now," we had previously learned some eternal moments before. There were guilty draws in the & # 39; checker and found surprising & # 39; The lobby, which has a self-screened, metallic Isaeli flag, was hit by the crater-like mountaintop destination for another world's desolation. Afterwards, it was clear that there had been simulations that had gone worse than the actual landing – at least to the heels, very end. But the Israeli reputation for goodness is well deserved, and the hope of earning it would be just as desirable. "The deal was not successful. We were still the seventh country to round the month and the 4th to reach the open mouth," one has announced. Later on, a definitive approach to a press conference of IAI space division general director Ofer Doron's surprising world, came to speak for everyone, never rarely as hard as he succeeded: "We have been back in the & nbsp; the month's stung. "

The team between the first loss of telemetry and the word that the landing failed was perhaps three minutes peak, and probably much less. A cosmic drama quickly and unexpectedly became a man. How can you make sense to get rid of it and lose the mission? One would briefly explain a few descriptions of what happened. When Doron told the media, an abuse in an inertial measurement system led to a cascade of events that lie on an undone full motorbike. Busy is built with almost no expectations, so there was no second computer to take the first sign of real trouble. The mission depends on a profound margin for error in the end of & # 39; one end of 450 meters from & # 39; an interplanetary journey (though it remains to be seen that the issues start 14 kilometers from the surface). One could only get the gold cylinder in the lobby with a fast of about six feet in & # 39; twenty, and then begins its eternity in the leaner fabric with a definite, without health.

The last prisoners had found safe, many tens of thousands of miles away, by Yonatan Wine Tire, Kfir Damari, and Yariv Bash, which had nothing to do with anyone in the & # 39; A human being ever felt, A previously designed and funded lunar month precedent.

"We've made a tremendous effort," Morris Khan, the 89-year-old muscle of Israel's billionaire who provided the Space IL with over $ 40 million in funding, said during the post-landing conference.

"We are going to dream, we choose to do, and we were not afraid."

Do Weubruub: "At the Children You See Today: We don't reach in one piece. However, the engineer and science are fast. Sometimes it doesn't work at & # 39; first try, or even the second, or the third, or even the fourth. But eventually it will work. "

Bash: "There are children, you see, say, I'll make a better build."

The waxes start off, of course.

"This is a great metaphor for life in Israel", one journalist raised in what was definitely an Israeli accent. A more editing comment, from one of & # 39; a mission, delivered the attempt for the Passionate Diyenu: If only the problem was followed up after its start, diyeu, reach its correct hill. If only all maneuvers have been successful, diyenu. If Bereshit only introduced moonlight, diyenu. There were a lot of diyenus. One of the most fun private spaces that had ever been visited was the worst, a 95% success. "We have done Israel after settling in," we said, "we were not before," Damari said. "The Israeli flag is still on the surface, on an ironically crafted spacecraft," Weintraub said.

When the sound is rejected, a strong figure in the middle of a gray-costing start-up of a tupperware contender began. It turned out that Danny Grossman, the expert and former Israeli fighter pilot, whose foreign donation made the three landowners eight years earlier in the & # 39; a Google Lunar X price enabled. His mood was something other than wholly or even disappointed (in general, the post-landing sphere in Yahud was, but not public). In the beginning, the trio of landlords engineers in their mid to late 20's were on Facebook – it would have been years before SpaceIL would become an industrial brand, with points from other engineers and scientists. "They had three weeks to get $ 50,000 – not happy to get money that had too much beer and big dreams," Grouman said. "This is the legacy of SpaceIL: It's a project that started with three young guys who refused to accept the word" no "."

After Grossman the night did not fail much. "It's not an end. Why is this an end?" Frege said. On Sunday afternoon, Morris Khan already known Beresheet 2.

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