Friday , April 23 2021

The internally beneficial for the man and the son of the woman who died in La Plata by hantavirus

The 4-year-old son and man of & # 39; woman who died on Saturday in La Plata by hantavirus They were interned today and isolated by prevention to focus on the same infection.

While the baby was named at the Garrahan Hospital, the man was transferred to San Martin de La Plata. After the death of Thais Pérez, 34, these two members of their family began diarrhea, vomiting and bones; and the doctors decided to stay in intensive care under observation as indicated in the protocol. Now they have to wait for the results of the Malbran Institute, which takes between three and four days.

"They are internally in contact with people who & # 39; are in contact with someone who" "is reinforcing this virus, should always be properly checked. There are no drawings that will infect them and there are no indications that blood and serum controls are positive, "said Dr. Germán Arrieta, director of the Ramón Carrillo Hospital in Castelli, where the man of the fatal victim was found.

Arrieta has also reported that it only babies with symptoms of diarrhea, but decided that the same background hospital. The doctor does not allow these symptoms to be a consequence "from & # 39; the crisis family that & # 39; t they are continuing to" & # 39; a mother.

The doctor also asked that for the hanta virus "there is no possible hell"so it is important to know and maintain the precautionary measures by deratatization and pasture control. "When & # 39; if there is a seasonally outbreak, it's a reason to worry," he said.

Other than the Epuche debug, where & # 39; prevents the connection between people, This case is in direct contact with the mouse. They believe the relationship could have been in & # 39; a room there he lived.

The holder of the sanitary portrait of Buenos Aires, Andrés Scarsi, recommends "not contacting the sexes' sexes (especially the so-called" long-tailed "), for 30 minutes the places that are locked (houses, damage, offices and other spaces), use the floor with water and remain beneficial and remove and grow winches in doors, walls or pipes ".

"The symptoms that motivate the medical consultation are fever, respiratory distress and headache, abdominal, joint and muscle," he recalled.

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