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The IMF decides that the pension year will rise and the salaries will be reduced – 01/22/2019

As a result of social security, the IMF is at least aimed at Argentina with two objectives: to increase pension and reduce the amount of pensions.

In a technical document of the body Published last week ("The Future of Saving: The Role of Designing Pension Systems in a Wasteful World"), while clarifying that it is their responsibility, was presented by David Lipton, Deputy Director of & # 39 ; an IWF, which gives it a certain training. And there is the same reference and specific recommendation for Argentina and Brazil.

The study recognizes that & # 39; in & # 39; For many years, many countries have made many reforms in pension systems in & # 39; Earn costs. The reform largely aimed to boost growth in the number of pensioners, the change of the key parameters of the system; for instance, raising one's pension, strengthening the rules to access benefits or reducing the size of pensioners by customizing the benefits formula ".

"Still", the document states, "extra reforms are required" and, among other countries, They call Argentina and Brazil where they think it is necessary to "represent" of "benefits". This means increasing the relationship between retirement benefits and payrolls as the basis for calculating the first retirement, & # 39; ratio & # 39; also want to be replaced as replacement or resume.

This "recommendation" is not new because in a match with the International Monetary Fund last year, the government promised will be evaluated in 2019 with community of IMF and international actors & # 39; a "reform of the pension and pension system" it considers it "necessary" and "socially regulated" to "strengthen fiscal position", "promote economic growth" and "create in the medium term".

The input from & # 39; an IWF originates at & # 39; and order, from & # 39's law; A historic repair, set in mid-2016, is a maximum term three years to carry out a reform of the pension system "Universal, integral, solid and sustainable". This means that, aBefore June 2019, a project must be submitted to Congress. The IMF will participate in the design of this reform, which liberates almost a few hours for advice from the pension system in Argentina.

In report 16/346, November 2016, where the program evaluates the government, the IMF has proposed:

+ Increasingly Increasing Your Retirement, especially from women. Currently, women can contribute at 60, with 30 years, and men at 65, also with 30 years, but both have the option to walk for 70 years.

+ Edit the first salary of future retirements. This is to reduce the "ratio" of a starting retirement pension by 20% (currently & # 39; s 65% of the average salary of & # 39; the last 10 years ). For example, the IMF says that in many countries the pension pension is 50% of salary and even less.

+ Change the update formula from a Mobility Law of Old Pensioners. This was final in December 2017. Since December, this formula has increased by 19.2%, against an annual inflation rate of 40.5% and in 2018, pension provision and other social security benefits of $ 64,938 have been, according to a study program. of ASAP (Argentine Buddy's Association) To make the reform, the law of a historic repair made the "Council of Retirement Sustainability", proposed by the Ministry of Labor, integrating with various sectors and experts to develop a project. developing the law. Now the call for this Council is expected.

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