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The Hawaiian dwarves with their noses are painful scientists

The photo – taken this year in the distance from northwestern Hawaiian islands, most likely to focus on a rare phenomenon that scientists continue to grow nowadays begin the threatening things to "better choices ".

It all started two years ago when Charles Littnan, a scientist of the monk seal program, woke up to a strange e-mail of researchers on the field. The subject was briefly: "Alone in the nose."

"It was just," we found a sail with an old stuff in the nose, have we got a protocol? " Littnan told it Peal.

There was no one, Littnan said, and took several e-mail and phone calls before the decision was made to get the donkey and try to pull it out.

"It was, however, just to hang two souls of just one of the nails, so it was a lot changed to 's tricks of the magician, when' t They kick out of bed and they come and come and come, "he said.

After less than a minute of doing, a 75-centimeter deadly air emerges from the room of # the hall.

Since then, Littnan had said that there had been at least three or four reports – the latest resource of this American autumn. In any case, the aikes were successfully removed and the halls are "great" to do, he said. But none of the survivors survived.

"We have no idea why this is plotting," said Littnan. "You see many strange things when you see the nature long enough and that may be one of those little oddities and mysteries of our career as 40 years, we're retired and still asked how it happened . "

Researchers have already determined that this is not the result of a human being with a personal vendetta to halls and cats, all reportedly reported from remote islands only look at scholars. Littnan said he had a few theories about how a owl can naturally end up in a sealed nostril.

A sealed advantage – most fish, octopuses and, of course, iron – remove coarse cuts to eat and eat the navy mammals, they must hunt their faces.

"They would like to keep their faces happy in candle flies and to spray water from the mouth to eradicate things and they will all get drunk, but they deserve their faces," Littnan said.

Perhaps it has been said, in an unimportant way that the only way to escape or earn money was to see the national and the young 's "offspring of the foods of taste" not to swim to learn a great lesson.

But Littnan said that theory does not make much sense.

"They are really long ice, and their diameter is probably close to what it would be for a nasal passage," he said.

He added that a national hall church, which reflexively close to them when they are dancing, are very muscular and it would be difficult for anyone to go through.

"I strive to remind you of someone who really gets a path in 'ness," he said.

The other ways can be absorbed by nostrils by lifting. Just as people sometimes hesitate to eat and drink their noses, they can also go to halls that often take their meal.

However, Littnan said it was not possible that a "long, fetal age" in # 39; the nose came in, but not from & # 39; the mouth. The "most plausible" theory, he said, is that youth's abilities are not entirely different from their human colleagues. Monk duplicates "are naturally drawn to get in the worst situation," said Littnan.

"It seems almost like any of these youthful trends feel," he said. "A juvenile sail has done this so much, and now others try to mimic it."

Although no halls have been deceased or have been seriously influenced by the ass, with a death that excludes their nose for a long period of positive adverse health, Simeone, director of Ke Kai Ola, a monk canon concert in Hawaii run by the Navy Mammal Center.

With an old in # 39 nose in & nbsp; The nose, would not dampen the naked or astonishing nuisance, which means that water could come in and could cause problems, such as pneumonia, said Simeone. A broken eel carcass could also lead to infections, she said.

On Facebook, the picture of the hall has more than 1600 reactions or from Friday morning. The title reads "Mondays … it might not be good for you, but it should be better than an old one in the nose." It was also a trendy moment on Twitter.

Many worry sympathy for the room to experience what one Twitter used to describe as "the most unpleasant thing ever".

"RIP, but how much satisfaction must be for the hall when it comes out?" asked another person.

Littnan said, however, that the young seal "was apparently quite despicable for the fact that there were two feet of weapons in their face."

In General Simeone said that navy birds are "very stingy" and add: "It's great things that can tolerate them."

Though "even snorting" still really in service sealing, Littnan has said he hopes it never does.

"We hope it's just one of these caches that will disappear and never see again," he said.

As munitions people can understand, Littnan said he had a message for her: "I would like to plead for them to stop."

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