Monday , June 14 2021

The first "low cost" service comes in Neuquén

The hit of & # 39; s vendors is one step from a new stage in & # 39; e region. The company Voy showed that it opened the first "low cost" service stations in the region between March and April.

The release of firefighters, in October 2017, had a lot of weight in the final result of all prices, after registering naphtha over the past year a rise of up to 70%.

However, the strategies of the 'moneycoats' to get a bigger brand part have already responded to & # 39; The region and the country, not only with differential values, depend on their city and even the area where every station is located in the same city, but now they also pay for attracting more customers with special service.

The Voy signature, or Refipampa, defines it as "the first low cost of the country" within this scenario, because the brand always keeps the promise as its competitors. Currently, I have mouths of expansion for the agricultural business sector and a station in Junín, province of Buenos Aires.

But the company plans to open 25 new service stations this year, one of which is planned in the city of Neuquén and the other in Cipolletti. In total, the company will invest some 160 million pesos in the opening of their new stations which will also visit the provinces of La Pampa and Buenos Aires.

Offering & # 39; low cost & # 39; does not include lowering the services being banned, but instead of a cheap price policy, which does not include special promotions that can be accessed through a proprietary mobile application.

This week, the company has its program & # 39; Commitment Voy & # 39; compiled, they make sure they offer their size 2 footers until March at a lower price than the other stations on the same location.

This reduction in the selling price is possible because it's an integrated downstream company, because they are the refinery in La Pampa and its own logistics and transport network.

As a result of & # 39; the price increase you & # 39; t pump in & # 39; Last year, Río Negro and Neuquén's war communication warned that various changes were identified in purchasing habits.

When they declare, there are a few drivers who are still asking to load the full tank and the bulk of their sales went for more than 500 pesos. While the majority of the consumer's electronic means of payment receive, such as credit and debit, both in the search to fund payments, and also to prevent high cash payments.

In numbers


It was registered by the premier diesel in Neuquén in the past year.


from one day's reduction in & # 39; the week is the offer that is just one & # 39; e companies have an presence in the area.

Puma made a point in the war career

The visit to attract as many customers as possible through special savings for a limited period is a classical strategy of sectors such as hypermarkets, but for a few weeks it has also called service boards.

Puma energy has just set a 5% discount on the price of their super- and premium naphtha that will be present every Wednesday to the end of February.

Like the Voy campaign, Puma Energy's strategy is to increase its sales in the high seasons of the service that is on holiday.

These promotions for all means of payment are added to those who do other firms, such as YPF, but for customers who have special discounts.

While since the end of the last year, we have also seen in Neuquén's city how some companies start to offer different values ​​according to the location of their service station.

To know the value that each station has for sale, it is not necessary to travel the city, but can be seen through the website of the former Energy & Energy Ministry also available as mobile application.


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