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The fight in PJ: Urtubey goes to Cordoba to the Buenosairean coast – 01/19/2019

Even the year starts, Juan Manuel Urtubey He confirmed that he would be a candidate for a president and set an agenda in which he would help him "" politically depart from his country of Salta. The benefits of summer started with the most crowded corridors and after visiting the Buenos Aires coast this weekend in Cordoba to share with the Jesús María festival and to visit other places.

In addition to its province, the stadtholder is mainly made known by the image coming from television: with suit and guidance, advices on political programs. For this reason, the pre-campaign has focused on & # 39; s neighboring people. "Listen and listen to it"It's the slogan and that the tourist spots – where summer tourists meet from all over the country – are a practical and direct way.

After a mandatory visit with his partner and partner in Alternative Argentina, President Dean Funes, Jesús María and Colonia Caroya, traveled along with the mayors of those places, and visited Roxana Rodríguez, a woman who's after his death son opened a room in his house. Today he will participate in the festival of Jesus Maria, where he is expected to buy with the Peruvian breeders on the horse and to share a moment with the singer, former Nochero, Jorge Rojas, you too theater will show.

"Despite the crisis, I saw that it is enthusiastic that people do not diminish and really have their arms down break free from this crack. My challenge today is to offer the Argentina to the alternative that we bring together, "says Urtubey Clarín, pointing out that the most important concern is the economy." Jobs, loss of purchasing power, inflation In one country, currency is trust and Lack of trust is one of Argentina's main issues that need a profound transformation, "he says.

Within the space, Urtubey must come into contact with Sergio Massa, who'll get it this week for a common photo in Salta.

– Do you have fairer competition standards?

– The rule is meaningless, we know we can win together and that the election will be the first computer in space.

– are you concerned that Massa will not respond with a "no" solution if asked about the possibility of Cristina Kirchner?

I have no concern, they are nuances. But we believe that if we are part of the Kirchnerism or Macrism, we support an alternative and our existence would have no reason to be.

– Roberto Lavagna can be the third candidate of the space?

When I talked to him, I didn't see his occupation as a candidate, but he knows he can. Unlike the other parties, they are hyper people for us have not more than one candidate but weakness. How there is, the competitors we are.

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