Friday , April 23 2021

The European space international plans begin to make for natural resources at & nbsp; the month

The bureau has announced on Monday that it has signed an annual contract with European aerospace company ArianeGroup to investigate mining regolith, also known as lunar or moon dust.

Weather and care can be regulated from regolit, making it easier for people to spend time in & # 39; month & # 39; e future, according to ArianeGroup. The research could also make it easy to burn footwear at a month's time, so the future expeditions can go further into space, the aerospace company said.

"The use of space resources can be a key to sustainable month inventions," said David Parker, ESA director of Human and Robotic Exploration, in a statement.

Regolith is the layer of loose soil that has the air of one month, which is rich in izero side. And it is possible to say that large sowings of mammals that have been trapped in some rocky materials.

"This research is part of ESA's comprehensive plan to make Europe a global exploration partner in the coming decades," Parker said.

The assignment would be a collaboration between aerospace scientists and technology in France, Germany and Belgium. The project is now in the research phase, with scientists compiling an Ariane 64 rocket in & # 39; use in the coming years to send stone appliances to the month.

The announcement merged with Monday of the moon-rich eclipse, those treated stargazers around the world after a red blood-wolf moon. The project is also part of a larger effort to make the 50th anniversary of & # 39; the first steps of & # 39; to prove a man at the month.

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