Wednesday , June 16 2021

The dollar is in a strength law The rate of …

The dollar slips up to 38.63 pesos, with a drop of 12 cents. The group captures from & # 39; the group was 37.58 pesos, marks a decade of 13 embroidery. The coin returned to near the floor of the substitute, which started at 37.55 pesos yesterday. This week, the Central Bank has introduced three of the five jobs to the dollar in & # 39; to place a non-intervention zone.

Since October, there has been a tendency to rate both nominal and real terms from the exchange rate. In a monetary authority, they see no concern for the phenomenon name to allow them to collapse. The archipelago keeps the interest rates close to 60 percent and remains monetary compensation.

The layout of Guido Sandleris recently reached 162 billion pesos. It offers an average preparation of 57.25 percent, somewhat lower than the previous day (57.32 percent). It is more than a month and a half that the monetary authority keeps this level. The central travel policy is costly in many lines of business and consumption loans, which hampers activities and manages the demand for fixed income sectors.

The daily monetary report suggested that current bills are being raised, one of the most common lines of credit for local businesses, given they're average rates of 61.2 percent. The financial costs mainly make companies for small and medium-sized businesses. The government analyzes measures to control costs, policies of & # 39; a Kirchner interest subsidy, which is critical of the point of boredom by the current economic team officials.

The fixed terms also include what interventions, those, in time, can support the demand for money. The BC has indicated that the average fixed term in banks is paying an annual rate of 43.62 percent. The banks with these funds reverse and buy from Central Bank, an instrument that falls in 7 days instead of a month and pays more than 57 percent of the return. It is a round sector for financial institutions.

In reserve for reserves, yesterday they were $ 66,225 million, with a rise of 90 million. Until this year, the BC remained the level of cargo. In the coming months, they begin to pay due to debt imagery.

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