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The Court finds Santa Cruz and the splinters arrive in other provinces – 09/12/2018

The Court manages more than the law of 'slogans

The Supreme Court of Justice will decide this week if it is the last referee of the election of # 39; the elections where they killed the demons of Argentine political crisis, were charged. It will also be seen by the change of authorities that promoted Carlos Rosenkrantz's promotion in place of Ricardo Lorenzetti, it has been verified a change of political direction in court. The ministers decided to launch this Monday, in four walls and without witnesses, what will happen to the controversy of the electoral system of laws of the slogans, which is the radical one of three provinces where the governor, Santa Cruz. The decision will be published everywhere, after the meeting of agreements on Tuesday.

The resolution got gravity to the extent that the political community has the potential to have substantive definitions. First of all, if this Court is willing to create the window of complaints of problems, other competences and other jurisdictions will not be resolved to be able to reach agreements on any solvency. This will happen if you go in the heart of the matter and understand, in a new twistthat the prosecution is not the exclusive competency of provinces, a criterion that has supported – with a few exceptions – by the court. As far as the decision is concerned, there will be consequences in the political field.

If it is the system of 'slogans, it will benefit Profonism and will contradict the National Government of Verandering. If it's the decision of santacruceña hoffeart, it will give the strongest allocation to the risk management of Alicia Kirchner, square of resistance of # 39; the residual Kirchnerism. If you run the slogans, the rule will flicker and expand the passwords to decide. For example, the incorrect declaration of at least two stadtholder, the They are looking at these hours to expel mandates in 2019.

Fear of justice of judges

The fear of failure caused the last meeting of lawyers – opinions of any judge of # 39; the court – to close and The decision moved this Monday. It could not have been before, because the lawyer general opinion came a week ago and the president of the court Carlos Rosenkrantz was in the United States and only came on Monday night. Since the regulation, setup-morning-pressure started on the 4th floor of & # 39; a Courthouse. The radical senator Eduardo Costa, who was fined in Alicia in 2015 and He does not want the decision to repeat in 2019. He complains about his own government for creating a climate of opinion in contrast to the laws of the slogans, as if he were not interested in his lot in the province. The way to protest is absent from the program that has approved the main project of Cambiemos, the national budget, the financial program has been adopted with the IMF.

Also, something that exists in the tuesday, will consolidate an administrative court, or a court that emphasizes its bounds in a country with weak powers. The right has tried similar situations Benefit the rule of justice. The best known thing is that of retirement. The Court is the seat of complaints against the retirement and has always been a complementary and provisional copy of other powers. It can be seen by the series Badaro deficits. In 2006, the Court ruled as a favorite of the family name, which sought an update of its benefits, but warned Congress that he had to take into account the lawsuit by the law. If that loss came Badar II, that was an executive measure of legal power.

The Court tries to prevent the saga in these days. On Tuesday the following week, the sentence was sent to resolve a similar error. Please decide that the ISBN formula is worth (Index of Basic Salaries of Industry and Construction), and not the one who wants to submit the government in tears of retired people, the program in the program of Historical Repair, the RIPE (High Funding Index of stable workers). But he asks in the same sentence that Congress provides a judicial formula.

Intolerance swap also the slogans

The Peruvian governor of Santa Cruz lost in 2015 in popular mood, but remained at the post, to vote also the voices of Peronist Daniel Peralta. Since 2015, this administration has pressured the National Government to make a system that controls many provinces, but that It has disappeared. It was by the motion of provincial forces, the so-called "simultaneous double" was the Belgian system, which was named in Uruguay and was established in several provinces. It serves parties with many divisions and without discipline, like Peronism. This power has resulted in a cash register in a military man, Juan Perón, created under a military regime and the state. Therefore, he had only two drivers; Perón himself, and in 1990, was Carlos Menem. Since leaving Rio of # leadership, looking for a leader that unifies, but does not appear.

The crisis of parties has been abducted since 2001, and sets the system of slogans, the peace is as the groups are strong and core pillars share in ideas and programs. It is a method that works within a political family, where it can be tolerated that the vote for "A" excludes the use of a coward, so it speaks. Now, if the mood of a Peronist goes to an Urtubey, but ends on a consecration of a Kicillof, the system makes sound. That is why he is in the provinces, and is nowadays in & # 39; the direction. The fragmentation of the critique political system has been in hand with a growing intolerance within and outside the parties, and it is impossible to learn that the vote focuses on something that the wittler wants.

It is also a r-ray of power in the Court

The confrontation by the slogans will also include a direct line of positions within the court. In the previous president of Lorenzetti, the jurisprudence was included in the election matter They are issues of provincial public law, what this time has ratified the Procurement of the Nation, Eduardo Casal enters. When asked in an interview with the director, there are pro-government officials who believe that Olivos directs the laws of slogans in Santa Cruz, to # 39 the head of & # 39; 39; The police office maintains that it is a problem of the provincial court, which has already done its application.

The Court replaced only two times this criterion, and it was in matters of Santiago del Estero. He first fled a constitutional reform that promoted an intervention, by an obligation of the radical José "El Proto" Zavalía. Later, when he turned a third series director of Gerardo Zamora. In the rest of & # 39; In the end, the provincial jurisdiction was protected under the aldermen. In the Court there are two judges who were board members –Juan Carlos Maqueda and Horacio Rosatti– They are characterized by their failure to support the federal system. Ricardo Lorenzetti is appended to the president on the Court in 2015, when the penalty for the benefit of three provinces was pronounced by the coparticipación, against the Nation. Lorenzetti appointed Maqueda and Carlos Fayt in favor of fiscal federalism.

If this criterion was transmitted to & quot; the cause of & quot; The slogans, it will not be astonishing that Maqueda and Lorenzetti acknowledge that it is a provincial case, and that the Court should not be interrupted. This gives, as is the case in the hands of Horacio Rosatti, another former constituency, which comes from Santa Fe, he served as mayor when he regulated the laws of the slogans, and it was not known that he had argued their validity.

Lighting Rosenkrantz's past

The court's judgment comes this Monday of # 39; the United States, but he is also not known about the case. In the distance he managed to turn off the consultative counseling meeting, so there was no suffering at the end, in a time when growing up for information from all political tribes. Prior to 2011, he was sponsor of the cause initiated by Francisco de Narváez to be a presidential candidate. At that time, Rosenkrantz could apply for the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of Justice in a case of law enforcement. The Narváez could be a candidate for governor in Buenos Aires Court, by analogous request of the firm who has the magistrate of Mar del Plata Federico Hoof has to be a chapel: he was born in Holland, but was born in Argentina and could establish judiciary to provincial comrade because the constitution conserved Argentina's mother.

The Narvaez was Kolumbianus, but benefited from the Executive Board. Is Rosenkrantz's professional background to validate saying that the law of slogans is a matter of power of court, and not of the provincial jurisdiction? This magistrate is a constitutionalist who will focus the question of how to focus on in & # 39; s study and not in & # 39; a chanceWhat is everyone? It is speculated that he is in the sense of article 8 of # the national constitution will scrutinize. This article states: "Citizens from each county enjoy all the rights, privileges, and immunities that have the title of citizen in others' backs." Under the law of the slogans, is the vote of a Santa Cruz citizen less than that of the resident of another? province, at the point where the subject is for resale?

Julián vs. Hannibal, warning of internists

Taken to the debate of a law of the slogans, the discussion about the value of a vote is opened. If a man is everywhere any mood, why is Santa Cruz two votes for that person of 'slogans, or a "double simultaneous voice"? Is not it a double voice in apps, at two different dates? In # vote, the citizen sends twice, free, in & # 39; the second round in the second round. In the law of law slogans choose system, but that is peaceful when it's done in a family. In Argentina today are matches with boxes in which the fractions are. It shows the Peronistic bid between federal and Christian. Also, the rancor of some fractions of Change. They came to radicals and PRO on Tuesday at a yellow in Palermo, but what came out It was not very stimulating. The table stops in a discussion about who should be a candidate for governor in La Pampa. The radicals have performed two surveys (Aurelio, Poliarquía), which prove that the best was launched is Juan Carlos Marino, of UCR. The friends of PRO answered that the party is "Colorado" Carlos Mac Allister ready to go to an internal (in La Pampa there is no requirement of STEP).

"We can not legitimize it, he has already offered the offer to come from the Sports Secretariat to be a candidate," she explains. For the radicals, after an internal it would be showing weakness, besides the exclusion of her that sent the Peronistic government sent by that county to the roster. The other day, when it was announced to Marino, the senator gave him the rejection of the candidacy. In all parties there is a reluctance to go to international, to see the mirror of the PJ of Buenos Aires, when they confront Julián Domínguez and Aníbal Fernández. That internal struggle made it a lot grateful that it denied the formula that won, and that then lost the election to Vidal.

Two landowners wait for control

If the Court does not agree that the laws of the slogans are not provincial, but constitutes constitutional guarantees, it will be the site of other false accusations. These days are there Two town holders attempting to land his mandate with lair roles in the institutional field. One is Sergio Casas, from La Rioja, that's a new mandate. The other is Alberto Weretilneck, in Río Negro. The Court in & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The slogans agreed to deal with the case. If you have the system, you will reach the requirements of Casas and Weretilneck. It grows on the situation in Rio Negro Miguel Pichetto's visit to Bariloche's next Friday, looking for oxygen to his presidential candidate. Or a national senator. The Peronism of their province has succeeded, but the weapon is in the national order a "federal" label that makes for partners in Río Negro. His son Juan Manuel will be candidate for mayor Viedma, chairman who lost in 2015. It is not excluded that Pichetto local partners in # 39; Today's Governor Alberto Weretilneck finds that removing the recession will now be transmitted by a transverse league today Cristinista Martín Soria And that is linked to his discovery, which can also end in the Court .

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