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The company between Macri and the president of Real Madrid received a day for the transfer of the Superfinal

The president secured the company of a Spanish ruler, just one day before Conmebol confirmed the change of Boca River headquarters.

December 9, 2018

One day for Conmebol announced that the Superfinal between Boca and the River in Madrid had to be presided over by Mauricio Macri a judgment signed by Florentino Pérez, the Merengue & # 39; boss.

In November Macri confirmed 2019 a mass increase of up to 66%, justified in devaluation. Just 24 hours later, the owner of CONMEBOL announced that the final of Copa Libertadores de América was played at the home of # 39; the conquerors and the court of King's team.

The two facts are not related, except for the fact that Pérez, since 2003, manages the Madrid destinations, has 30% of Albertis group, the # 39 concessions ; Western access and Panamerica. That is to say, the law of Macri directly directed, according to the journalist Alejandro Wall in a radial column and detailed his colleague Roberto Parrottino in Tiempo Argentino.

Last year Florentino sold on behalf of the construction company ACS, part of Albertis, an investment of 700 million euros to extend the car's management for ten years. In this agreement, the Spanish presidency has to avoid punctual punishment for investing, what ACS has in Spain.

This is not the first time that secondary events with Pérez's personal business are wounded: The acquisitions of James Rodríguez and Javier Chicharito & # 39; Hernández, maybe made? in parallel with concessions that have been offered to companies in Bogotá and Mexico City.

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