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The cause of & # 39; s notebooks The possessions will be increased in May – 01/19/2019 to oral problems

Judge Claudio Bonadio is working to call the cause of 'Cuayos de los Coimas' a verbal trial, most importantly, the former president, Cristina Kirchner, a little over three months. Source with access to the case indicates that the file will be raised in May at that time and that it should be fixed When will he be standing? the senator of Unidad Ciudadana and several members of her government, such as important businessmen.

In August 2018, one of & # 39; broke the biggest corruption cases of & # 39; the last decades in the Comodoro Py Courten. It existed – the judge Bonadio confirmed and confirmed the Chamber of Apple – a "community with one purpose started: immigrant fundraising", which operates the various intervening officers" as a juxtaposition of a mechanism that has not been rented out by that assembly ".

In this context, it was proved that the existence of a criminal organization was caused by the "bone collection", which began with Néstor Kirchner and that "in & nbsp; administration remained & # 39; of & # 39; a current senator Cristina Kirchner was processed as head of an illegal association and she was found co-author of receiving gifts and passive nibbles (collecting peasants) The embargo was in the first instance $ 4,000, but Room I confirmed from the federal room of Buenos Aires into it $ 1,500 million.

The cause has been delayed to collect a lot of dozens of smiles that are fully instructed. In the time of recording the file, Bonadio determined that three major areas in which to investigate the crimes under investigation should be investigated.

The maneuver, Bonadio said, was postponed by the former Ministry of Planning to the lower depths of & # 39; a public administration, "to promote the money stream". The profits earned are made in construction areas or licensing of cross-corridors or shipping values.

So connected with the first and great processing that was already targeted, the cause structured in possessions that paid former officials from the divided federal planning minister, transport business, the energy sector, and public civil servants. In & # 39; the first two cases, the magistrate has already been made and a broad call for a question has been made. It remains to preserve the procedural situation of a large group of entrepreneurs, among them Gianfranco Macri, brother from & # 39; a president & # 39; e Nation.

As a third phase, after requesting 71 companies for institutional documentation by 82 jobs in 14 provinces, Judge Bonadio – if he said Clarin-, will introduce another call to ask these entrepreneurs include those "official works" in a Kirchner response.

This round of research will close a circle in a case. After defining a procedural situation of all involved, where the former officers and a large proportion of & # 39; a business community that has already been given criminal justice in an illegal association, has been repeated, as they have learned Clarin, the judge will wait for the Buenosairean Federal Camera's verdict and it will be when & # 39; the journey begins to go to the next copy: the oral and public problems.

Set the deadlines in Comodoro Py's height in & # 39; a month of May for the senator of public debate that is being sent to mouth language procedure in the cause of & # 39; e Corruption Notebooks. The Federal Chamber of Buenos Aires calls the right Bonadio to capture certain definitions in one file and this is the path of & # 39; e instruction.

So, for the winter scientist and with the electric calendar The preference of Argentine politics, Cristina Kirchner will add to it sixth problems. Another nice: In addition to the cause of the clutter, the fourth file in a message will for instance be "there" it is accused of corruption.

For the sake of mouth procedure, the cause of the investigation of the shell by including illegal funds is placed in the dock the accused former president with more than 40 accused among them, former members of his cabinet and important businessmen.

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