Friday , April 23 2021

The best gift of a grandmother could be got after switching her video game console

After finishing 3,580 hours In a video game, the console broke out of an 87-year-old grandmother.

The woman invests each of these hours Animal Crossing: New Leaf, a Nintendo video game that can be interpreted as real life simulation.

Within the game you can build a complete city. It's about collecting materials to build new buildings and other decorative elements that give a better view of one's community.

At the beginning, the main character has begun to come to a city where he has too real to know the neighborhoods, expand his own home, collect furniture, clothes, items, and so on.

With the hours they played, the grandmother made a villa with flowers and a house like every other grandmother in the real world: with regular summer and red food for the visit.

His hobby, however, wanted to come to an end, after his Nintendo 3DS worked hard … lastly Christopho got a new gift as a gift.

But the biggest surprise was his grandson, who didn't realize his grandmother I had more than 3500 hours of accumulated plays when performing the old account data to the new console. This more than 4 years, where it practically played every day

The grandson could not hold back and in his social networks he shared the picture of the game of his grandmother. The users, convicted, did not know how to look at them how to see a disappearance of animal crossing to so many hours.

Actually for anyone who is important, it is possible to see the account of & # 39; s grandmother when the next code is entered in the game: 4E00-0126-6834.

The lady Audrey He has so much knowledge of the video game that he has mastered all the tricks and even has a box 65,509,177 clocks, (the coin is used in the game).

His case changed so much to the social networks that netting made the decision to raise money to buy him Nintendo Swith, the last console of the Japanese company.

It is known that a new version of Animal Crossing will be released for this console in 2019, so that Audrey has to wait only for building her more atmospheric wealth.

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