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The "beams" left its treatment and the "branches" grew back: "I want to live as a normal person"

"The beamman," Abul Bajandar, stopped at the hospital where he was treated for his illness and had a recurrence. The young man has a foreign state called crippled epidermodysplasia, which consists of the proliferation of leads on his hands and feet such as "branches" or "cortex". The man has since 2016 investigated several actions on the search for a whole but decided destroy your treatment and the condition returned.

Born in Bangladesh, Bajandar is 28 years old and a father of a family. His case received media attention in 2016, when they began to celebrate complex operations to eliminate the progression of a disease in its sides. The man has lived there for over two decades.

The cause of & # 39; s state is a Defect in the immune system it increases the sensitivity to HPV, or the human papillomavirus. This genetic disorder causes chronic infection by the bicycle, sugars and increased risk of developing skin cancers. It's a rare disease that's there but a handful of cases reported worldwide.

The hands of Bajandar.
The hands of Bajandar.

Although the surgical procedure worked, Bajandar doctors have reported that the man undergoes more than 25 surgeries, He wasn't for his treatment since May"It is a complicated case and we were progressing, but he went home. I asked him to come back many times but he did not," said Dr. Samanta Lal Sen, coordinator of the Plastic Surgery and Burns Unit of the Hospital and Medical College of Dhaka.

Unfortunately, the doctor explained that the "beamman" returned "recently" in a hospital in Sunday morning with his mother. He must be six months ago here. too late"The injuries on your hands have now been reached 2.5 centimeters long, and the warts spread across parts of your body they had not appeared before.

The remarkable improvement of & # 39; s hands of
The notable enhancement of & # 39; hand in & # 39; a "tree" in 2017.

The doctors consider that the young person will seduce that it is needed between five and six new operations. "I want to live as a normal person. I just want to carry my daughter and make her," Bajandar said.

Although in 2017 her conditional criticism as a result of the surgery had improved, the regression in the treatment was great, and the "baam" had to undertake new interventions to remove its illness.

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