Wednesday , May 12 2021

The Argentine production cost found in September 15.8%

According to the Institute of Economics of the Faculty of Economic Sciences of UADE, low ride "By devaluation of a currency, it makes it possible to achieve competitiveness and to restore the balance of trade balance in September, almost two definite years.

He said most of the ID's "have a lower absorption rate in wholesale inflation or in the previous year's 74%."

In comparison with the monthly average, the Argentine production cost has a real moonsite free of 4.2% compared to August 2018, has added the report to determine that "the steepest drop is in the month since the beginning of measurement."

Production cost.jpg

At the same time, he has indicated that five of the components of & # 39; the index "set in March in real terms" that was set up by the fall of other seven elements.

The elements of the index were the breakthroughs, the rate drop, land movement, social conflicts, the cost of energy and capital goods.

In cumulative 2018 to September, the production cost reduction was 11.7% in reality, he added.

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