Sunday , January 23 2022

The 220 millimeters of rainfall in La Plata is more than 2.5 times historically accumulated in November.


An average of 2.5 hours of rain fell during the month of November in 12 hours. The average monthly average for the month of November in La Plata is 93 millimeters.
Civil protection, civil control, safety and municipal government teams have worked on public roads to reduce the risk of flooded areas.
In the afternoon, it was reported that complaints were registered in several areas of the city area, Villa Elisa and Villa Elvira, due to the influence of the showers.
"Despite the severity of the storm, refugees have not been registered," he said in the commune.
Mauricio Saldivar, a hydrological meteorologist in the municipality, said, "In 12 hours, the average rainfall in November was 2.5 times the average rainfall. The average monthly average for November in La Plata is 93 mm. "

Accumulated water has been reported to have reached the zone.

– Villa Elvira: 220.4mm
– Villa Elisha: 213.8mm
– City helmet: 153.4mm
– Melbourne Romero: 76.8mm
– Oven: 64.9mm

Regarding registered floodplains, especially in the streets of urban areas, "the drainage system supports 30 mm per hour, but today we have seen intense two big storms in the short term."
"The storm began at 12:25 am and dropped 40 millimeters to 40 years. After a rain at 18.20h, a 90mm storm drove and a 20 minute rainfall burst and a 32mm rain fell."
On this route, Luis Caruso, director of the hydrological directorate of the autonomous region, said, "We hope to drain water in the next few hours. El Gato stream works well at 75% of the capacity to allow rapid water drainage. I've worked up to the limit with a timeout overflow. "

Orange maintains risk level

"In the next few hours, Saldivar said," Meteor instability will continue until Tuesday, but the rest is not expected to be recorded to date. "
"If it rains or there is mild, gentle rain, there will be temporary relative improvements until Sunday morning, with rainfall levels varying in intensity, and scattered storms will not be abandoned."
Likewise, it is known that the rainfall that continues until Tuesday morning will keep the emergency and preventive activities of the Emergency Committee with the Orange Hazard level.
In this regard, it was recalled that neighbors could communicate with civil defense 911 and 103 in all dangerous situations or emergency situations. In the same way, you can issue an allegation or command through attention to your neighbors.
At the same time, he emphasized that the update will continue to be made on the municipal web site The Twitter account & # 39; Clima La Plata & # 39; and & # 39; Civil Defense MLP & # 39 ;; La Plata Municipality of La Plata 'and' Civil Defense MLP 'through the City of La Plata.

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