Sunday , June 26 2022

Telecom earned $ 200 million in credit at a rate lower than the cost of Argentina.


Telecom announced it has acquired $ 200 million of financing.It will be expanded to $ 300 million, Observe your investment plan. And Refinance an important part of a debt.

Through a statement, the company is the Deutsche Bank, Libor is a four-year period for repayment at an initial annual interest rate equivalent to 4.5%., Comparable government bonds in Argentina 2020.

In this way, the telecom company has rebalanced almost all of its debt at a lower interest rate than its Argentinian cost.

"To comply with an ambitious investment plan, the company borrowed $ 1 billion in January 2018 and was loaned with another financial institution for one year and expiration period in February 2019. He lent $ 100 million in four years And canceled $ 500 million. "

Telecom has allocated $ 24,046,000, or 24.2% of the company's consolidated revenues for the nine months to date, in connection with its investment plan, and has allocated 49.5% more than the previous year. The same period last year.

Finally, the company emphasized that these investments will invest some of the $ 5 billion in the future, focusing on expanding and strengthening the network as well as developing products and services that meet future customer needs. They not only unify the platforms of systems that favor efficient management of the company, but also require permanent connectivity.

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