Thursday , April 22 2021

Sun exposure: how to get bloody injuries and why you should pay attention to mill

An abundance of sun or low protection can have a lot of consequences in a long and short term.

Some of the harmful effects that can be caused are spots and wrinkles, increasing the number of mills, skin cancer, and various ocular changes.

Agustina Lanoël (MN 100,564), pediatric pediatrician and dermatologist PAIDEIA, and member of the Pediatric Dermatology Committee of the Argentine Society of Dermatology (SAD), warned that sunshine retention is essential for two months Reasons: "The first is to prevent sunburn and burning, the second is to prevent the occurrence of skin cancer throughout life, so your onset of age should be.

The use of sunscreen spray, especially in children, is controversial. Many specialists argue that it is difficult to apply without inhaling the ingredients of the product and that at least there is no effective effect of 100% with a syringe. Therefore, creams are the most effective.

"We need to use photoprotective creams with a high photo-prime factor of 30 or more, recommended and advised by the pajamas, pyatatistic dermatologist or adult therapist, to know what the best product for your skin is," advised the specialist.

The higher the factor of a sunscreen, the better protection. Any product over 50 SPF, in contrast to what you believe, does not offer any additional benefit.

Children earn most time playing in the sun and have an irregular skin, so they will be more present for damage and fire. "One of the measures to protect them is to try to keep up the strong sun or raising up, the sun is strong between 10 and 4 or 5 in the afternoon, you must also be used to a skin, glass, protective clothing to wear sun, umbrella or being in a shadow, "he said.

It is necessary to check at least once in a year to contain the appearance of dots or mills on the body. People should be aware of changes in mills, cracks or spots at the skin, nails or esophagus based on the Melanoma ABCDE (Asymmetry, Edges, Color, Diameter and Evolution).

"It is a good time to remember that it is easy to examine the skin and if you have a lesion that causes or wakes up and is different, consult the doctors", he warns. Laanel

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