Sunday , May 16 2021

SpaceX levy is coming to International Space Station for astronauts in Christmas season 1 NEWS NOW

In SpaceX delivered full of Christmas donuts came today at the International Space Station, after a low loss that was caused by a communications agent.

The Dragon capsule called for three days after the start of the Cape Canaveral on the Orbitboat. Commander Alexander Gerst used the space of the space to get the cargo carrier, such as the two hurdles 400 kilometers above the Pacific.

It lasted two attempts to get the dragon enough for fortune.

NASA called the dragon's first approach because of the problems with the communications weapon setting the space.

Implementing Misuse in New Mexico for NASA Tracking and Data Relay Satellite system has a temporary loss of communication with the station. For security, Mission Control ordered the dragon to set up.

It was a successful number two – just an hour and a half later – to NASA on another TDRS satellite.

The bolted-down dragon keeps everything needed for the Astronautic Station for Christmas dinner, and also mice and worms for scientific experiments, and more than 2,540 kilograms of food and station equipment.

The holiday maker consists of tasty turkey, green beans casserole, jam jams, cranberry sauce and fruitcake. There are also shortbread and butter cookies, with ranges of icing for decoration.

Three of the space inhabitants will be Boss for Chris; The other three will return to Earth on December 20. Since then, the station house has two Americans, two Russians, one Canadians and Germans, the German is.

It is the second space station for this recycled dragon; It was also the last year.

The first stackboat used on Wednesday morning is back in the harbor, landing on the sea instead of Cape Canaveral. SpaceX pushed the booster to pay for possible future repetition, as well as an investigation into what may have happened.

SpaceX has been operating NASA stations since 2012. This is the 16th delivery under contract.

The space shelf was loaded with 2,540 kg of food and other facilities, including research.
Source: Associated Press

Two other supplies are available at Space Station: one Russian and the other by NASA's other commercial shipping, Northrop Grumman has been sent.

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