Friday , April 23 2021

South America Sub 20: Argentina lost to Ecuador and completes its classification

The Argentina Under-20 team failed to pay off and pay 1-0 deficit to Ecuador, causing it to break no error searching & # 39; a last hexagonal classification from South American Sub 20 which is round in Chile, if there are two episodes.

The lead of Fernando Batista, who came with Paraguay 1-1 in a defeat, They wound up several target situations in both cases, especially after Alexander Alvarado's goal, nine minutes in the second half.

Alhoewol he was great about his rival and had the chances, the boys could not realize they were against the Ecuadorian goalies Moisés Ramírez. Even with the income of Thiago Almada, Adolfo Gaich and Facundo Colidio, no game development could turn out to be hard-wore.

"We played a good game, but every mistake is expensive, now we hope to improve with Uruguay, we will try to do our best to reach the hexagonal," said Julián Álvarez, river spinner.

So, Argentina remained with just one point in the table – It was already a free and small march, so you searched for the classification against Uruguay on Thursday and Peru on Saturday, in the last two days of Group B.

Ecuador, led by Argentina Jorge Célico, reached the six points after he succeeded Paraguay and lost to Uruguay.

The first three teams in each zone will continue for the next copy, which defines the World Cup qualification values ​​in Poland and the Pan American Games in Lima 2019.

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