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Sol Perez has not realized that it came to air and was ransacked off – 11/22/2018


It is not an easy week Sol Pérez (25), which had just been fair sexually harassed in his passage Combat (De Nine).

Danger to Bring Justice Cristian U. (37), in the last hours he scored again Lourdes Sánchez (32) after the intersection they had in Dance 2018.

If the "hot girl" would need a scandal long list of controversy, these high expectations are he began to break out before the camera The specialists of the show (The thirteenth, monday to Friday 16.15) and read with his mouth open to his clients of bicycle.

In detail is Sol to & # 39; the door of 'e Teatro Colón, where this Wednesday was the start of the season Mar del Plata, where they work together Carmen Barbieri, Santiago en Fede Bal in the work Together together.

In this context is the finalist Dance was preparing to deliver a mobile for the bike that was driven by Marcelo Polino en Mery del Cerro, but when the camera went on her He did not want them to film and saw a terrible abuse against the event.

"& # 39;No, if you do not appear in the photo, I do not have a picture of # the place …"cried the model, the host and the pan."Uhhhh"Del Cerro called out from the floor The specialists of the show.

Sol Pérez at the door of # Teatro Colón. (Instagram)

Sol Pérez at the door of # Teatro Colón. (Instagram)

"He is angry at the topic of photoThey see they have walked and said, "I do not want to say," I think This will not want Carmen at all"he said for his part Flavio Mendoza, this was in the study of the program.

"It's just that they tell me that you must remain photographed", tried to explore the sun when the mobile was restored.

"We expect that to come Mirtha Legrand en Blom fan 'e ve never came, "he declared on Thursday Ángel de Brito (42) The angels of yesterday morning (El Trece, Monday to Friday at 10.30) over time when Pérez He succeeded in the camera.

"The transit was fatal"explains Florencia about her delay to come to Colon."For me, Fede Bal must come from work. Photo of … should say?"he points out Andrea Taboada for the operation of the sun

"It was four o'clock in the afternoon, it was very much … and If it seems like a picture of me or … I do not want to go", the young widows apply.

He said, "As Carmen is angry, I say so, I would talk to her. They make too much trouble for everything, I was not alone angry. It seems to me the fourth that they say insecurely, but it is a good part of the game. "

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