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She confirms that Garín's youth has no hantavirus: at last it is leptospirosis – Escobar: Escobar News: Escobardei

Boarding school At the request of the family, the young man was & # 39; a Fátima clinic transferred to the Muñiz yn Capital hospital.

The studies delayed by the Malbran Institute have denied the presence of the tribe in their organism. Although she determines that he is learning from a disease that is caused by nails too. He is now in the hospital Muñiz.

Gone are the uncertainty, speculation and doubt: the young man from Garín who was on Monday's hospital with a represented hantavirus photo has no illness, according to the species being postponed at the Malbran Institute in Buenos Aires. In addition, laboratories have another certainty: he has leptospirosis.

The information appeared in the last hours and was confirmed on Saturday by Pablo Mediavilla's own family, 26, of whom the case was national news before the amendment he promoted by the hantavirus.

The young man, the father of a 4-year-old girl and a collaborator of the PV factory in Villa Rosa (Pilar), where he checks the disease while the cleaning work was carried out in a warehouse, was looked down on Monday in the private clients Fátima de Escobar.

His mother, Rosana, complains to the media that she was treated with neglect and that the doctors gave her various diagnoses: from & # 39; The appendicitis for peritonitis, including tuberculosis and pneumony, to hantavirus, was not alternated.

It stays serious. Pablo Mediavilla has an artificial respirator and his prognosis is reserved.

From Thursday to night and at the request of his family, Mediavilla is interned in the Muñiz hospital, in Buenos Aires's & # 39; a federal capital, where it stays in serious condition.

"Hantavirus does not have. But it is leptospirosis, that is a disease that is caused by animals' bacteria, more precisely, by nails," he said. Escobardei the father of the young and Malvinas veterans, Claudio Mediavilla.

In this way, the phenomenon of a new case of hantavirus is sold in the country, of which the outbreak has already saved thirteen people's lives, where they lived in Chubut's province, where & # 39; The dreadful illness, caused by a conquered virus by the mouse colilargo -infectado-, appeared with greater force and has largely a large part of its population.

Nonetheless, though, the results of researched in Malbran do not reflect the presence of & # 39; Controlling a hantavirus strain in their organism is the clinical image of young garrisons, which has a low improvement, and is still delicate.

"Staring, he stopped eating and putting on an artificial respirator with his remedies. Now we have to see how it's going to be in another 48 hours … If it doesn't get better, I'll die", said his father completely moved.

Definition, infection and symptoms

Leptospirosis is a disease caused by bacteria that cannot be in the urine of certain animals, such as rodents, dogs, cows, pigs, horses and wild animals.

The integration is made by direct contact with the urine of an infected animal, or with water and / or environments that are controlled by the urine.

In the first instance, leptospirosis appears as seizure as a disease of pigs, cups, muscles and mischief. Then a second phase of greater difficulty can be presented. It is necessary to check a doctor as this disease can be fatal.

Preventive measures

Doubles of potency consume stagnant water, and cause children to not spill into puddles or sleep.

Skilled nails – important agents of contacts – in homes and surroundings

Use gloves and gumboats to carry out driving, cleaning or cleaning waste.

Keep the hunters and land free from darkness, dirt, and anything that can be a staple for nails.

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