Friday , May 7 2021

Santiago Cafiero states that the provinces and the city are trying to buy faxes: “It is good that they are working together”

Vice President Cristina Kirchner with the Chief of Cabinet of the Nation, Santiago Cafiero
Vice President Cristina Kirchner with the Chief of Cabinet of the Nation, Santiago Cafiero

This morning is the Chief of Staff of the Nation, Santiago Cafiero, agrees with the words of President Alberto Fernández by ratifying it Justice will prove the innocence of Vice President Cristina Kirchner.

“We are very confident that Cristina’s innocence will be proven, that her innocence will be proven and that political leaders in the country will be prosecuted.”, said Cafiero. In this regard, the president had declared that “Cristina Kirchner is innocent and she will finally prove it.”

The Prime Minister also stated that there was a clear political persecution in Argentina, a use of the judiciary to prosecute opposition leaders at that moment and the evidence of these links given ratifies all our suspicions ”.

Regarding the pandemic, Cafiero emphasized the vaccination campaign and lthe possibility for the provinces to negotiate their own doses: “It is always good that the districts are taking care of and cooperating with the vaccination process.”

The Chief of Staff stated: "There is no rule that prevents you from buying faxes"
The Chief of Staff said: “There is no rule that prevents the purchase of faxes.”

And he added: “There was an idea that was installed that the acquisition of the vaccine was not democratized and I said that there is no rule that prevents the purchase of faxes. “It’s bad news that there was an obstacle on the part of the state so that the provinces like the city of Buenos Aires could start their negotiations.”

At that point, he noted: “We have been implementing the vaccine procurement strategy since last year, we have purchased 65 million doses of faxes, but there are worldwide difficulties in having faxes”.

The Chief of Cabinet also stated in an interview with radio Millennium: “The need for part of the opposition to be known in the political scene was mixed and then they began using the pandemic as a flag for politics. That is not good for everyone, even for the members of their political space who are dealing with this pandemic every day. “

“If the opposition is here to work together, welcome, we will continue with our strategy and change nothing. Sometimes the political or electoral effect of a statement is worth more than reading a norm, we do not want politics to be made with the pandemic, “he said.

"We do not want politics to be made with the pandemic"explained Cafiero
“We do not want politics to be made with the pandemic,” Cafiero explained

Cafiero also made reference to upcoming legislative elections: “We have already launched and have worked with the current election schedule, but if it is amended in Congress, we will adjust to what is available, but any modification must have a political agreement and consensus “.

On the implementation of social assistance to reduce the crisis that the announced constraints could generate in some sectors, he said: “There was no talk of re-implanting the IFE (Emergency Family Income) because today we are dealing with a different package of measures, much more targeted, more related to a social public policy, which in some respects should advance in the extension of rights, such as the AUH, in expanding it with one million more holders “.

“Today the state is present, it has a battery of tools that is much more focused and sustainable over time. What. We have seen an increase in prices and, of course, it is worthwhile to take measures related to this.”, Completed Cafiero.


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