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Sandy Island: The Phantom & # 39; Australian island that disappeared in 2012

THIER is a "phantom island" of the coast of Australia that lives as a spirit on Google Maps – and it has disappeared experts.

The mysterious sandy island has been announced since 1774 as New New Caledonia in the South Pacific Ocean, but you will not find it today on Google Maps.

Instead, you see a small ship of what seems like a long, dense island – but with no land mass in sight.

media_cameraThe mysterious sandy island is a mapping "phantom", and only appears on Google Maps as a smaller line.

The story of Sandy Island begins on September 15, 1774, when Captain James Cook is in Sandy I in eastern shores, from # 39; the northeast coast of Australia.

It was published in Cook 's Chart of Discoveries made in Southern Ocean in 1776.

Historically, the island believed to be 24 kilometers long and five kilometers wide – to be difficult to miss, essentially.

media_cameraThis UK Hydrographic Office number card from 1908 is one of Sandy Island's earliest performances. Picture: R.C. Carrington, of hydrographic office

Hundred years later – in 1876 – reports a whaleboat that Velocity is called Sandy Island. This was announced at various 19th-century maps from Britain and Germany.

Finally, seals begin to create cards with the letters ED (for "doubtless") after a few trips do not place the island where it was mapped.

The French Hydrographic Service replaced the island in 1979 from the grounds. But the real "discovery" came on November 22, 2012, when Australian scientists went on & # 39; The R / V Southern Surveyor did not fight Sandy Island.

media_cameraThe island is in the east of Australia.

The crew also found the depths of ocean, which were never less than 4,300 feet – to suggest that there was no chance that an island was located just under the hills.

On November 26, 2012 Google continued the island of its Google Maps service. There is, however, an abortion of seabed visible on & # 39; and Google Maps satellites.

So what is the official explanation for Sandy Island?

There is no one, no one can say with a hundred percent certificates, Captain Cook every year. The best theory is that the island had pulsed seafood.

These are massages of fluffy pimples that have been excreted from underwater volcanoes and then run on the surface.

These tiles can travel thousands of kilometers.

It is possible that some Captain Cook – and the Velosity, later – saw cycling places made a few trips across the Pacific Ocean.

You can see here for Sandy itself: 19.22 ° S 159.93 ° E

This article was originally published on The Sun and was reproduced with permission.

Originally published as Strange History of Phantom Island from Australia

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