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Russia will travel after the month to confirm theories | Chronicle

But why? Leo Schwarz
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July 21, 1969 was no other day in the history of # man. Is that day, the American astronaut Neil Armstrong, derived from his agriculture Buzz AldrinIn & # 39; a month of & nbsp; A month Eagle or Apollo 11 they performed one of the greatest facts in # 39; History: landing on a moon. As Armstrong, as commander of the mission, made that unlucky jump, which was seconded by Aldrin, to be the first man to be on the # the dusty surface of Earth's natural satellite. "This is a small step for the human being, but a great hit for humanity", was assessed with great euphoria Neil, after he put his feet on the satellite, he was told by fire in ' History was marked. This image, seen by millions of people by televisions to inexplicable countries in the world, and influenced many people, most often attracted by this unique moment. Because of that moment and despite the establishment of the US Aerospace Agency (NASA), in & nbsp; The truth of the first month, many other people were the possibility that this event was real, to argue that everything was a very good movie. Anxiety that, as confirmed, can be developed within a few months. Is that in 2019, or five decades of that historical moment, Russia, one of the most skeptical peoples on that landing (and that was when the Soviet Union, the other superpower of that decade was directly directly to Americans in space) will try to check through a mission, like Armstrong (and of course Aldrin) at # 39; a month. For this Dmitry Rogozin, the general director of Roscosmos, the Russian space ship, already announced the idea of ​​a mission to assess the responsibility for the month of Apollo 11.

Why are the doubts?

A figure they say, reducing 530 million people live as Armstrong, the "space hero", or as he mentioned at that time, his foot sits on a surface that no other man has. It was considered a unique experience and a resonant victory for all humanity. However, due to the amount of the photo & video & # 39; s of Apollo Missions available only through NASA, there is no independent authentication that states that the monthly countries are more than a simple misconduct.

In this context, Rogozin made this revelation in a meeting live via Twitter with the current president of Moldova, Igor Dodon. In the discussion, Rogozin answered a question about how NASA was once in the month in # had achieved history. While they answered, the head of Russian spatial planning was taught and learned. But he made it clear that his next mission is trying to find the answer to the billion dollar question. "We have set up this object to travel and check whether they have been there or not", he said laaskically.

The cohesion

It should be noted that the theory of thought over the month of NASA 's position Apollo's mission is very popular in Russia. According to these theorists analyzing normally everything, the yankee agency would get the cackling of human beings in # 39; a month have been manipulated to proclaim his dominance in space, so the Soviet Union against # 39; to conquer the world, when both forces have been kept in a cold war, in armament and the hegemony of their so many political concepts.

In this regard, in 2015, a former spokesman for the Russian Research Commission has opened the authorities to conduct a formal research to relocate the correct truth behind the months of NASA. "We say they do not fly to the moon and they just have a movie about that", wrote in an article published by the Russian newspaper Izvestia. He gave "All scientific, perhaps cultural, artifacts are part of the legacy of human beings, and their disappearance without a trace is our shared loss. An investigation shows what really happened".

Error in attempt

The Russian dangers immediately arose that Armstrong and Aldrin were in the same period on the Selenite surface, the Soviet Union also reached the month, but they were forced to spend months of months Four of their experimental reactions failed and the trips were rejected.

Perhaps, then, the Russians are now decades away from the American villages of the animals and, if they do not start with the concept and the mission on ' a month in the month, which may be likely to sift or lower as Armstrong He was in the natural satellite of earth.

Is it the biggest fraud in history?

The controversy was not installed immediately, except for the Russians who had always doubted the arrival of Apollo 11 after the month. However, every time that Beweek was asked for a month, the most powerful NASA's administration over the years is providing the image of an American flag that flies on & # 39; the moon.

But in this context, those who have lived through intrigues and concepts, do not get caught up in reappearing that the motion of the flag is clear of the presence of & # 39; the wind, which is not in space. Everyone, Houston, where the headquarters of NASA was, was not silent, to say by communications, the # 39, in # 39; The time of the power, Aldrin moved the flagpole to keep it on the moon, there was a strange move.

Others implicate that the moon lands speculation that the US director Stanley Kubrick NASA was promoted to find out the fraud of the first month, because his film called "Space Odyssey" in 1968 that the technology at that time was designed to make artificial, comparable to space.

In relation to astronauts Virgil I. Grissom, Edward White and Roger Chaffee, The fire killed during testing for equipment for the first month of the trial, according to the ordinary conspirators who were executed by the government of # 39; the United States, so they took the truth of what happened. A crazy theory, but it is not impossible. Too late when it comes to death, recently the famous US research assistant Graham McHardy, often referred to as Streetcap1 as a pseudonym, died in mysterious circumstances, just after discovering the reflection of a man in the sight, was sentenced by one of the # 39; the astronauts, while he was on the surface of the moon. Interestingly, the image of 'man on' The line surface is not the safety pack that astronomers were used in the space of # the space.

Dispute with a couple of trousers

In & # 39; History, the United States and the Russian Federation (and earlier that the country confirmed the so-called Soviet Union) saved moments of tension by the intense quest to be the most beneficial land on the spatial plane, yet on September 27 In 2017, in the 68th International Astronautics Congress held in Adelaide, Australia, NASA and Roscosmos, a joint agreement concluded that they would develop a space station between the moon and the earth.

This agreement is incorporated in the context of the so-called Deep Space Gateway ("Gateway to Deep Space"), a NASA project directed to develop developments in the month, Rekanda, under their future mission to Mars that plans to implement in the 2030s.

This joint statement, according to NASA, "Speaks the Common Vision of Human Discovery" from both agencies, belong to countries that traditionally serve in other territories. "Akkers such as signed by Roscosmos show the Deep Space Gateway concept or a good example of affordable and sustainable space courses"He expressed Robert Lightfoot, NASA headquarters director in Washington. On the other hand, Igor Komarov, General Manager of Roscosmos, has confirmed that at least five countries work on building own system. And before many journalists added "To come up with future problems of technical cooperation, some of the rules must be consolidated so that different countries have the opportunity to work in their own facilities and to combine the international lunar station".

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