Sunday , October 17 2021

Rodolfo D'Onofrio: "If you have a mistake, get rid of"

The ultimate resolution of the superfine has a long-term effect. Esta mañana, the President of the River, Rodolfo D'Onofrio, bred in a row of pride in which she retired to booze, Daniel Angelici, and then released the ads to play the part.

"There's a juggle, you're gonna go, it's time to buenos", lanzó el máximo directivo "millonario". Sin embargo, most tarde, pasado el mediodía, The name of the entity of Núñez buscó el tono de sus declaraciones. "No fue a provocación, tenemos buena relación. No jorobemos, if alguien lo tomó mal, le pido disculpas ", dijo D 'Onofrio en diálogo con 90 minutes, program emitted by the señal Fox Sports.

"For example, if you have a mistake, then if the combo box appears,, continuo D'Onofrio has lost its objectives, referring to the intentions of the Gobierno dispute the part, and the sea on the Monumental estuary. Alas, D'Onofrio says: "El presidente Macri me mandó que decir que juguemos en la Cancha de River ".

With relatives of the incident that registered in the United States Vespucio Liberti, provoking the suspension of the encroachment, the ascent director of "River will be able to take responsibility for the river, which is the result of its success". "For this it is contrary to the operating system," argues.

Además, the responsibility of the Banda, is responsible for the securities operation, after which the violent violations have taken place at the station. "The party can join the river canoe and the security service is as follows: In the 24 hours of the Ministry meeting, which guarantees the security," the decree.

Por su parte, también le dedicó un torna la libertad de la entrevista della sua successiva el pasado fin de semana con ocurrió en Bombonera, como su jugadores fueron agredidos con gas pimienta cuando salieron a jugar el segundo tiempo de revancha de octavos the final of the Copa del 2015.

"It's a lot to discuss 2015. There are no sabotage for those who have torn the pitch in the micro of Boca", as well as covering the theme relating to the barracks instaladas and the Argentine football: "A Caverna Godoy (one of the two I did not think he was going to be in the river, but it was the first time that I had to endure with the barracks. "

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