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River’s 10 Steps to Gallardo’s Dream


De 1-0 against Banfield, in addition to appearing as another display of equipment that more than 10 victims, allowed River to remain the only leader in the Professional League, a power he has held since the 2-1 victory over Boca. With a point about Workshops, there are 10 steps you need to take de Millo to pursue Marcelo Gallardo’s dream: reach a local tournament.

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Thumb up of Gallardo (photo MARCELO CARROLL)

Thumb up of Gallardo (photo MARCELO CARROLL)

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Maybe be the Doll’s last dream in this cycle which is already a legend, as his contract expires at the end of the year and he still has to define what he will do, amid a popular noise that grows as December arrives. The coach appreciates so much dedication, he shows himself focused on today and even rejects Barcelona’s option, no less.

In this context, it’s 10 games River has to play, like the rest, from here to the end of the championship with a theme no less: no will not lose players by calls to the national teams by Qualifiers since in the window of November, when Argentina receives Brazil and visits Uruguay, the LPF will stop that weekend before the legislative elections (Sunday 14).

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Step by step

Two classics, three trips to the interior of the country (one that can define a lot) and an identical close to the Superliga he lost with Boca before the pandemic is presented as the obstacles in the way of that of Núñez after the outcome of the tournament.

Against San Lorenzo: it will be at the Monumental this Sunday, from 20.15. The Cyclone is in crisis18th in the tournament, with just 15 points from 17 games, but he has been a stone in the shoes of River de Gallardo in recent visits to Antonio Liberti.

Gallardo and Cacique Medina have a very good relationship (photo MARCELO CARROLL)

Gallardo and Cacique Medina have a very good relationship (photo MARCELO CARROLL)

For workshops: on Thursday 21st, starting at 9:15 pm, River will visit the T at the Mario Alberto Kempes in Córdoba. A game that can be decisive, because the current leaders of the competition will stand against each other, separated by only one point.

Before Argentina: On Monday 25, from 7pm, he will receive El Bicho in Núñez. Before eliminating himself from the Libertadores, the River de Gallardo defeated Gabriel Milito’s team in the local tournament just in Núñez …

With students: Another brave attempt will be to go to Uno, in La Plata, where he fell in the final championship when Pincha de Zielinski hit him with a goal on the hour and was in the number. Today, Students are third, seven points behind the pointer.

Vs. Board of Trustees: just before the standings for the election, River will host the Patron, who is going through a difficult time as it adds nine dates without winning.

Ante Platense: After the election, it’s your turn to visit the Squid in Vicente López. The visit that takes the least travel takes into account the geographical distance between the two fields.

Contra Racing: The final classic of the tournament will also be played at the Monumental. With ups and downs during this process, the Academy returned to triumphant last date and takes the tenth position.

For Rosario Central: In the last piece, he will travel to Rosario to visit the Kily González formation in Arroyito.

Against defense and justice: the last match at the Monumental will be against Falcon de Beccacece.

Mei Atlético Tucumán: It will be the end of the Professional League for River, against the Dean, with whom he lost in the definition of the Super League and prevented him from giving the Olympic return.

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