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River-Boca in Madrid: the party of hysteria with Lionel Messi as witness of luxury – 12/09/2018

An hysterical one. The goalkeeper of 'Boca' seeks the need for his team in # 39; to earn the final seconds, and the arbitrary intelligence that provides the river to find a result that remains as a Christmas gift The intense match that was played by two large birds of Argentine football transplanted to an unexpected nest, the Bernabéu of Spain's capital.

At the beginning everyone could have won, in a game that was made to measure agreements. And then the intrusion of the river was opened, the result that Boca's benefit was to be daggered with # 39; the breast of Bombonera, Believe more in their happiness than in their stuff. Finally, a gift for who thinks that the strong emotion of football club is not the result that the final was caused in Madrid, due to the bad head of surprising fans, More earrings of the ego of their colors than of football even. Football toured, and had a first-class stage, the best Argentinean player, did not play in Argentina.

Messi comes to the Bernabéu with his son Thiago. (Photo: @ ImMESS10nante)

Messi comes to the Bernabéu with his son Thiago. (Photo: @ ImMESS10nante)

There was so much Argentina on the field that Messi could not miss. And, in fact, Lionel Messi, a 31-year-old from Rosario, has been part of Argentina's history … and from # the world. He hung in one of the luxurious locations, with his Barça teammate Jordi Alba, who has the golden balls that he has caused tears to his grandmother, his # 39 to his Championships took place where he learned that no one can learn: the intelligent intuition that makes the love of football to art.

So Messi, like he was, by the way, another universal Hispanic American, the Nobel Mario Vargas Llosa. And in the same way that something that literally knows, can not be transmitted in a natural way, what Messi knows about football only through his blood and his ability to learn the learning in itself.

The other Argentinean judges, both Riviera and Boca had to do something: Messi was there, but I could not help them. Now, in essence: not even crying, he is from another team, where he wants to return to Rosario. But I was there love of football, and probably for love for their country.

Madrid is a city that is the archives have always been welcome; Messi, for example, and no one invited him in Spanish fields: a local glory, so to say, he has shown that he in football 's art of direct heiress from another Argentina that is the last night in # 39; the air as part of the history of & nbsp; the two competitors, Alfredo D Stéfano, fled Argentinian army. In Madrid lived Evita Perón and, already dead, Perón has held it here as an immortal relic. Afterwards, the Spaniards defended the Sudan when the arguments were destroyed in the 1990s and the xenophobic reactionary decided their ill-fought against # 39; the immigrants from Southern Cone.

The reception that this country has given to the hobby and teams is wonderful. Security is rich, but also good humor. People did say that others were murdered each other, and there was a lot of tension, but sometimes Madrid was already ready to visit a concert of Les Luthiers. On the field there were a few bad points (Benedict's murderous death after a rival, however, he scored 0-1), but it was when they were playing to eliminate the Buenos Aires's sweet taste that this anxious final was so clear.

The ending was an epic Jorge Luis Borges could put an etiquette: it would be the alfalfa, the infinite party, and was to find the river party where he drowned in most hysteria and the one won the belief was in danger.

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