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Reunions, dragon rides, humor and open air games: this was the first episode of "Game Of Thrones"

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(TAG: This NOTE HIT SPOILERS) No one better said: Winter is coming. It came Game Of Thrones and all meanings and theory disappear in the presence of each of its senses. With a brief summary of the story so far and the direct move to & # 39; The Acts of a musical curtain fan GOT – that for those who followers and fans have the fact to just listen to their feet – this new season. A child that & # 39; t start running around looking for trusted faces in a people until he recognized the person Arya Stark. We know we are in there Winterfell and that the present are the queen Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow, the former king of the north.

Perhaps this was the episode that brings more humor or situations that have complicated us with certain comments from & # 39; central people. Taken as a material from a movie from & # 39; e Avengers, the moments of complication can be uncomfortable for a public that expects something of great character.

We can also make this the event of the meetings. On one side, Jon Snow Have you found your brother? Bran -need the Three-Eyed Crow– in his wheelchair. "You have become a man ", he says Jon who was it small Bran, knowing that he is one of the people who know the truth about his origin.

Mar Jon He had to meet someone in his family that he hadn't seen many seasons: the little one Arya. The youngest female daughter of the clan Strong his warrior weapons reinforce and already became a woman. Arya show him his sword –Needle, as it is called – and Jon He asks if he always used it. "Two or three times "Reply to a Frequency Arya and it listens to a smile on those of us who saw every episode, there it swept its sword.

The coming of Daenerys Targaryen It is not well received by Sansa, the lady of it Winterfell you feel that Jon He refused his government for love for this woman. Things are not good for both and to make it all over, the dragons are hungry. And there is some focus of the focus of what we are used to seeing GOT. The new pair in & # 39; a love, Jon and Daenerys, Take a flight each at & # 39; a dragon's back to get to a place to go without witnesses.

The humor was again the protagonist in several moments that the visitor launched and they ended the end of the previous season where & # 39; it's the danger walkers They sting.

Add more reunions, we find one Sansa and Tyrion this is in the & # 39; key an irony disguises to be "abandoned". "Many distinguish you " and "You were right about my sister"are two revelations that recognize him Tyrion to the new lady of Winterfell.

And perhaps the two most anticipated and desirable guidance of the followers is Game Of Thrones have been the ones Jon Snow with your loyal friend Sam and the one Jamie Lannister May Bran Stark.

The first will be the policy of giving us the most anticipated moment of the last seasons: Sam He finally shows the light Jon Snow it's real Aaron Targaryenson of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. He is truly the heir of the Iron Throne for the true blood runs through his fins. Perhaps we expect more emotions in this revelation – that really changes the whole story and the confrontations Game Of Thrones– but everything is counted on the hall Sam: in a simple and direct way. What will he do? Jon Snow with you information? We don't know yet!

And the end of this episode gave us the intense and anticipated lookout from GOT of the first season. There it was Jaime Lannister gives on the small Bran of a tower if you find it Jamie with sex CerseiYour own sister. You have & # 39; a death, Bran focuses on saving himself, but remains inexorable for a wheelchair forever. Winter also seems to occur Jamie, you & # 39; see it with a surprising face at & # 39; s peace Bran Who waits – we believe – for his own revenge.

For their part, the brothers are Greyjoy they build their own battlefield from their uncle The Euro what Command to deal with immolences Cersei Lannister.

Y disregard the size of the opening night they were King of the night and the whole army and the witch Melisandre, This has not been the case since season 6 when it was responsible for redirection Jon Snow.

We still have no stage left you will occupy the throne But we have to perform until May 19 when this majestic story comes to an end.

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