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Renault Twingo 2019, salute the smarter brother of "smart fashion", more modern and attractive than ever

Renault presented the upgrading of its model access to the Renault Twingo. The mythical French cities, more international or ever through the alliance between the Renault Nissan and Mercedes-Benz Group, are improving their aesthetic and technical appeal Renault Twingo 2019 a more firm urbanite.

De Renault Twingo It is one of & # 39; models with more tradition within the reach of the diamond drawing. The last-generation generation started in 2015 at a mark, from 'synergies' to 'Renault-Nissan' and 'Mercedes-Benz', they are the result of a new generation of smart fortwo and smart fronts.

2019 Nouvelle Renault Twingo

With only 3.60 meters long, the Renault Twingo is an eart unusual utility: his no-code architecture, four interiors and a rear engine makes her approach the norm, which, however, failed to attract general public, In any case, here in Spain, mediocre sales are taking place.

Small exterior and interior details for the Renault Twingo 2019

To improve his career, Renault presented the Renault Twingo 2019, with a series of outside worlds, there we can find a new sender, a new calendar and more modern optical groups, which integrate the daylightAs a result, the striking powers of light that have been encountered by the Renault Twingo disappear so far.

2019 Nouvelle Renault Twingo

Of course, some colors are new to the body, like the design of lance wheels. The optical backgrounds do not change their shape, but their interior design, while the latter steam also integrates new moldings. In summary, It is the typical update of a model in the midst of its commercial life.

There are not many changes in the interior, limited to the action A new lower console is still comfortable to use, with accessible USB connections. In addition, the infotainment systems have been updated, called the technical, as EASY LINK, compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Renault Twingo 2019 04

They love it The same motors that are up to nowWith a 1.0 tricylinder block of aspiration atmosphere with 65 and 73 hp, the most powerful of 0.9, even with turbocharged turbocharging of 92 HP. The latter can be combined with a double quad automatic transmission with 6 relationships, All engines are adapted to Euro 6d standard.

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