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Radio Havana Cuba | Dominicana: A closer relationship with Latin American bankers


Dominicana: A closer relationship with Latin American bankers

Havana, November 11 (RHC) The annual Felaban Congress was held in La Altagracia, Dominican Republic, and 1,600 bankers from 40 countries are expected to attend by November 14th.

Dominican Central Bank, Héctor Valdez and Bank Governor Ruis Armando Asunción Alvarez will give a keynote speech to analyze Dominican economic prospects and supervision of the financial system.

According to the organizers, representatives of the Brazilian Central Bank, the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation, Latin America and the Caribbean Economic Commission, the Financial Action Group of Latin America and the International Institute of Finance will speak.

The topics covered are the economic and financial outlook for the region in 2019, the regulatory challenges of the banking industry, culminating in a decade of research on the new Basel III regulations, cyber security and digital banking

At the end of the meeting, José Lopez's two-year term ends and Felaban's new president will be announced and details of the 2019 Plenary session will be announced.


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