Monday , March 8 2021

¿Qui hacer con Boca y River en una Copa Libertadores que quedará como una histoire de historia?

La Confederación Sudamericana de Fútbol, and través de su presidente, el paraguayo Alejandro Domínguez have resigned that the party's return from the Superfinal between River Plate Boca Juniors now they are located on the Monumental Estuary in Argentina. Finally, a series of idas y vueltas, have prevented the deportation logic for sanar and partial cohesion The exhibition is exhibited over the last two months in our country.

For the sake of this decision, the President of the Constituency has ruled that "conform to the violent violences of Buenos Aires, the common cause and the security of the jugglers, the official and the affiliates, including the delictions of the republics of the republic Argentina is making a investigation, a result that the final part is the one in the country. "

Renglón seguido, bajo la invocación of the principles of "integrity, continuity and stability of the competitions", most of the game of financial and finance, Domínguez decides that the party revenues is June 8 or 9 December, in the horizon and the end designarse, sujeto al fallo del Tribunal Disciplinario. In fact, a securities ministry has renounced the cargo's liability for the frustration of the securities operation. The disturbances and destructive productions in the River Establishment have been unveiled in the mouth of the River and Boca Presidente. "The party is playing in the Monumental and Contemporary" (D'Onofrio). "No aceptamos jugar ningún partido" (Angelici).

The antagonism has been carried out with the horizons, according to the lado llamado "pacto de caballeros" firmado días atrás. The leader of the boquenses, with the president Daniel Angelica, has come to the conclusion that the disciplinary regulation will allow the aliens with the Copa Libertadores to play their part. Y, de necesario, acudirán de Tribunal Arbitral del Deporte (TAS).

Pero, if there are any punitive norms that are stable in the descalification of the club infractor, The tiempos del procedimiento disciplinario of a contramano. The magnitude of this eventual portrait exudes an integral compromise of the problem, most of all the lyrics and the criticisms. In fact, it is apparent that the deportees and the eco-friendly economics have been sentenced to a minimum of credibility over Sudanese (Infantino, the FIFA president, who is believed to be a Mundial future in this planet ).

In the "Era of the Sphere Civilization" (as Mario Vargas Llosa), the futbol football is about millions of global televisions. As far as the entrepreneurship industry is concerned, the implications of deporting transactions are more likely to be a final result of the clubs in Argentina. Por ese motivivo, There are no more than 46 pages and videos uploaded to Boca's leadership. Como tampoco el profuso descargo generated by river servirá para deslindar responsabilidades for the sobreventa and revenues of the confrontations of the "Los Borrachos del Tablón".

Most of the legitimacy of the interests and interests of the clubs and ecosystems of the club, its authorizations have been advertised and are sufficiently satisfactory in the present case that have sufficed for competencies in the world. This is the case with the real world of the "slogan of the slogan" when it comes to a student's degree, leaving the dispute with the escritor of an entrepreneurial interest in the disciplinary material of his assets.

Nadie reparo tampoco that last week after the seminary on the monumental monumental "The Ghost of Puerta 12", due to the June 23, 1968, near 71 bishops in Boca. ¿Qué hubiera pasado este domingo si Pablo Pérez hubiera levantado la Copa en la ceremonia de coronación del campeón? ¿Cómo hubieran reacsionado los barras de River y estro y estar del estadio? ¿Qué hubiera pasado con los festejos en el Obelisco?

Ante des panorama desolador at the moment of respondents are interviewed, concluities The decision to post the party has saved so much. The Argentine people live in this state and the country's violent rulers dominate the call. El fútbol no es excepción y es utilizado como reducto para financiar a los barrabravas de tiempo completo.

This superficial is for many clubs and has just gotten down to the declaration desierta. The river is much more expensive than the result of the party. Boca apunted all the administrative instability in a legal case that has no horizons. Everyone has the right to the protection of the rights of the United States and of the United Nations, as deemed possible in the case of tribunals. Paraguay of Emiratos Árabes.

Quizás is the best way to get the most out of it. The three-dimensional demarcation of the Libertadores, this is the story of how a man came in the South Sudanese history. No, it is difficult to say that this Copa is not the only one.

* Abogado UBA – Director of Latinoamérica

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