Monday , May 17 2021

Projects: how much would the dollar be at end of 2019?

The year ends and apart from analyzes and statistics that go to & # 39; the end of the year, the consultants began to draft a number of projects projected for 2019 and one of the # 39; The main reason is that it is done at the price of a dollar.

Although the government has recently ruled the opportunity that the US currency had been uprising, there were several consultants who told the talks that we have today or sleep.

A report from Economic Ecolatina, published by Scope, Indicates that the nominal career will be more even in 2019 and pro dollar project $ 51.5 project.

Ecolatina points out that the real exchange rate is not "back", so its upheavals would be more restricted.

The moment when the collapse of the market would be close to the election and the uncertainty would be the upcoming president. Another factor for the price of a mound would be duplicate about the return of & # 39; The debt, which would encourage the learning drill.

In other songs, the consultation increases between 32-33% in 2019, which is higher than inflation.

On the other hand, in 2019, formal salaries start the year with significant increases as a result of & # 39; the parity loan. They see then an increase of 35% the next year, registers higher discounts than the dollar and the public service in 2015.


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