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Pierre Richard: "There are so many inadequacies in this world, maybe because my character is so successful,

People in the 70s of last century He is tall, blonde, and has black shoes. They knew that the protagonist was a short comic actor. It not only surpasses other comedians in expressive talent, but also has other resources. Pierre Richards I put a blank in my face. Louis de Oops, The physical resources of the best physical comedy in their 20s and 30s Chaplin.

A young aristocrat Pierre Richards Morris Leopold DefaceA few years ago, in 1968 he began his film career. Alejandro Goodbye. With the premiere of the movie Eve Roberts, Became a global star of humor.

In the 33rd edition of the Mar del Plata International Film Festival, Richard was awarded for his career on Tuesday. He was excited at the ceremony, but despite the solemnity of his action, he kept on feeling. "The more distance I get, the more my feelings grow, so I was amazed to see people like you, he wants too much, something that moves me to the deepest level."I came to Argentina for the first time 40 years ago and I had the privilege of knowing Maradona. I told him & # 39; that you would have a great career. And I was wrong, right?"

The French Humor Master is engraved on the tradition of the character's actor and becomes a co-author of all the films he participates in after his personal and inalienable creation. In an interview about Information Culture, Pierre Richards He is smiling, ready to laugh, hearing a lot of humor. Speak as an elaborate and clear person.

This man who has worked on more than 100 films does not fully share the idea of ​​an actor as an author. "I am distracted, rebellious and irrelevant, it is an original creation I made, and then the other coaches came and asked me to borrow my character. Eve Roberts, Francis Veber o Claude Zidy Then I lent my character to them. "He stops and almost prepares for the auction," I did not lend him my character. I sold him to him. "

He is recognized as the director of the director besides the star. There were seven feature films from 1970 to 1997. I met them in Argentina Distracting (1970) and I do not know anything. But I will say everything. (1973). His prestige was reinforced when his great figure was embodied in the movie mentioned above by Yves Robert. I have a mustard. (1974), and Claude Zidi. Later, a series of movies Gerard de Pardiyu During the decade of the '80s.

Despite his long career and the recognition he still receives from around the world, he insists that he does not understand the roots of his success. "I can not understand why my humor works, I do not know why I do my best. I am the first person to be amazed at my own success.. In fact, my first boss, my first producer, knew me better than me. He said to me, 'You are not an actor, you are a personality. Maybe if I was alive, I could respond to everyone asking me and I would not respond. "

His recent films What if we all live together? (2011), Amor.com (2017) or I am lost in Paris. (2016), Richard has some keys that we can think about in his humorous matrix. The character is unsuitable for the world as he himself explains. Reality is usually against you. But at the same time it causes subtle and important humor by inducing internal dissociation between words and actions, gestures and wills. Finally, all his acting continues in remarkable manual labor. Because he does not go beyond the clumsy limits that always seem like mockery.

"There are always two or three things that appear in my character, and they say it's a poetic character, I do not know. My characters are really inadequate and do not work well in the world. Sometimes they are big and sometimes small. There are so many unsuitable things that I can not get into this world, so maybe my character is so successful. I personally feel a little unsuitable. I lacked adaptability in my own noble family, and I wanted to build my own family out of the comedian world, and it was not even there, "Richards said.

As they explained elsewhere Charles Chaplin And Sigmund Freud, Humor is done in relation to the order to be ordered. Without economic, social, family, religious, and order collapse, humor will not exist. A comedy is considered conservative if the sequence is replaced with the first. Jerry Lewis Or Richard himself is against the first order and the comedy is important. Richard argues that the film he supervises is a critical work. In this sense, among the people directed by other authors, toy (1976).

"In the movie toy In Francis Weber There is a strong criticism of the order and power of money. Maybe he was inspired by me. I was from a rich and wealthy family. There was strong social criticism in the movie. In my movie, there was a television game that was trying to criticize the ads, or stupid people, or even selling weapons. In the rest of the comedy He is tall, blonde, and has black shoes., A spy and anti-intelligence comedy. It can not be said that there is criticism of established order. "

Pierre Richards has filmed more than once in Latin America. He emphasized his relationship with the community in humor and said his wife is Brazilian. But what he knows is that he came to Cuba to film a documentary on Cuba. Che Guevara By the end of the 80s, Fidel CastroHe was regarded as "one of the greatest figures of the 20th century" and the last one taken on the island in 2016. Patrick Grenfrey Photographed I was a banker..

"I have an important relationship with Cuba, but I have a relationship with Latin America, too." I stayed in Cuba for the first time with a friend who was a journalist to film a documentary about Che Guevara, the truth that I liked it, Of course I like his music and mosquitoes, but all started with a documentary about Che Mexico. Bad Bridge (1981) and Gerard de Pardiyu For three months. It is far away, but much closer to Latin America than Norway. "

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