Thursday , June 24 2021

Paolo Quinteros gets Pablo Pérez

Boca was twice the main champion of the Superliga, but also had to play against Hurrikan. Independents did not lose Boca to qualify for the Copa Libertadores 2019. In that context, the suspicions of the Xeneize were winning or not and who was responsible to the public who was his doubt was Ariel Holan, coach of & # 39; Reade

"I hope Boca has everything for the Hurricane." The same kind of Boca has about Palmeiras & # 39; match the one I & # 39; ve got about his game with Huracán, "said Avellaneda's coach.

Past of it remains in my mouse, Pablo Pérez responded to this statement and thinks Hole of his past in another sport: "The man who was a footballer, knows that we always go out to win, Our blood is so that other sports can't feel they can do that in hockey, so they don't feel it. "

Today's months after this crucifixion, Paolo Quinteros, escort the Regatas de Corrientes, uncanny Pablo Pérez to think that the loyalty of "is" basketball.

"Mr. Pablo Pérez, first I will tell you that in basketball there was no game in your sport, is always a winning team, second, in basketball there are codes, you do not make your opponent, you are more thinking because there is a many are strategies, we do not raise the ball and we give it, we can normally give a lot of passages, and especially we are not theaters … oh, and we do not have the magic sprayer, we & # 39; know how & # 39; if we are playing pain, the blood does not make you a winner, what you win in last, because winner is the one who wins titles and more titles, and finally you heard about The Gold Generation? Look out and ask yourself if you don't win in basketball! ", Quinteros wrote in your Instagram account.

Paolo Quinteros gets Pablo Pérez

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