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Pablo Pérez went from Boca's amazing men to make a goal that didn't reach – 04/14/2019

Once again, Pablo Pérez was in the last hours in & # 39; the eyes of a storm. But nothing had to do with his presence, in the end. Previously, his past of blue and yellow was present to die. Boca fans punish him on social networks. However, the middle partner knows what happened was history. And in the court he forgot everything. He played well and wide in Independient's goal in the 100th game of Ariel Holan. Although, the defeat La Paternal could not be avoided.

Look, too

Perez decided on the We Can Speak program (the broadcast was released on Saturday night, but was confirmed for), led by Andy Kusnetzoff on Telefe, and commented on when he was asked to play the World Cup in Russia with the Argentine National Team or Beat the Super Final of Copa Libertadores. The former captain of Boca replied: "Uh, you have killed me … I was close to both of them. But I would love to go to the World Cup, not the jersey of a team with everything The defense of the country is the best and there is more to football. "

This answer was the rejection of Boca fans, which is the fraud by social networks. The relationship between Pérez and the Boquenses fans became strict. The past year after the loss of & # 39; the last of & # 39; A Super League against the river in Mendoza, a few weeks later, made the former Newell's a decisive goal against Talleres in the Bombonera for the tournament and left the criticism with wounds to & # 39; supporters of a club. the Ribera.

Look, too

Starved, Pablo Pérez played good stuff. Not only for the purpose, but to control the few attacks of Independiente, always besieged by Argentines. Perez handled his team's internal play. And he had a lot more work to do than to make the local team bothered on many sides. When the ball was closed and it was, Perez became involved in the ball and he was good, especially to find more opportunities for Martin Benitez.

His goal came to & # 39; it was a bad pass from Torrén. He went hand in hand and first finally the body of & # 39; e goalie. But he took the turnout and was angry at qualifying Silvio Romero who then dealt face-to-face with him. That goal not reached.

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