Tuesday , May 11 2021

Onofrio: "Gallardo is the best in history and will continue with us"

The president of the River Rodolfo D onofrio has ratified today that the technical director Marcelo Gallardo at # 39; The advantage of 's football project of # 39; to continue the mili- tary institution, where he has a contract until December 2021.

"Gallardo has been determined definitively as the best in history of the river and will continue with us," said Onofrio against La Radio.

He also praised the formula of the method of & # 39; The coach and told him that "Gallardo can not only sole football, he can form perfect human groups, it's no accident that almost all championships 2015 accompany the team."

The ratification of D & # 39; Onofrio was attached to the words of Enzo Francescoli, sportsman of # 39; The Nuñez-club, announced that the Muñeco, when he had taken pity on festivities at Boca, said, "Now we're still there."

Gallardo cared for his continuity in the club prior to the election in December of last year and gave his contract for four years, until the end of # 39; the term of today's administration.

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