Wednesday , May 12 2021

On Thursday, inflation is known for November and is expected to be as high as 3%

The Indec will announce this Thursday's election information she would be under 3%, and thus the cost of life has hitherto been an attractive attack of 42%, according to private treasures.

The October Consumer Price Index has disappeared by 5.4%, which reached the last twelve months 45.9%, resulting from Strong increases in rates, prepaid and clothing and shoe.

According to the economic study Orlando Ferreres, inflation in November was 2.5% in the month. "The price level remained in the growing economy in November," he said.

He said that "in particular the points with the higher incident in Food and Drinks, together with Miscellaneous Goods", respectively, are 2.5% and 5.8% respectively. Although the sharp rise in prices has influenced # 39; A full-fledged society, it is the lower incomes sector that most learn the most.

According to data from Indec, until October, basic management of food and basic facilities – the extent to which the poverty line is determined – an increase of 54.6%.

While the indigence basket, which only sinks, is an annual increase of 51.5%. The consultant Elypsis, on the other hand, has calculated that Inflation was 2.8% in November.

Meanwhile, the Market Expectations Survey (REM), published by the Central Bank, analysts expect that a slaughter is to be increased in # 39; the cost of living in the coming months.

In addition to this starting point on the inflation trend, the year will end with a generalized increase in prices between 45 and 50%, one of the # 39; the highest rates in the world and comparable to what has happened in 1991.

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