Tuesday , November 30 2021

Old Biblical city of Sodom was really destroyed, by massive asteroid explosion, said archaeologists


The bubble melted from a map of various settlements in an area around. Dead Sea, and lost forever for centuries.

The ancient Bible city of Sodom was not only a real farm, but it was destroyed by the fire of heaven, as the Bible affirms. The fire, however, came in the form of a "massive asteroid explosion" in # 39; The sky above the region, say archaeologists, is in a controversial new paper published this week.

As Newsweek Messages have long been believed to some historians that there may be something for the Old Testament of Sodom and Gomorrah. For the unknown Genesis 18-19, describes how God is surprised by the evil of men of # 39; Both cities, they both destroyed fire. And while some serious scholars believe that the cities were destroyed by the anger of a despised god, some considered it possible that the cities could be carried out with a meteorokaat.

Now, there seems to be new evidence as well as supporting the theory.

Phillip Silvia, from Trinity Southwest University in Albuquerque, and his team published this week's & # 39; an annual meeting of Oriental Research Schools in Denver, Colorado.

Silvia's team believes that the possible site of the city known as "Sodom" was known as a Dead Sea area, Bronze Age settlement known as Tall el-Hammam, which is believed to have been & # 39; n was 3,700 years ago.

Dead Sea in Middle Ages




With the help of radiocarbon, Silvia's team starts the grant of settlement to the nearest time of the proven library. In any event, perhaps caused by the friction or explosion of a meteor, as it narrowed the surface above the region, the substrates were raised up to the ground until the point It was that the stones were sold to ash, according to the Times of Israel. Some materials immediately crystallized, and the outside of some pottery shards were melted in glass, also suggesting an extreme temperature rise.

That's the case, Silivia's team will also raise the soil that has been cut off from their foods – that would explain why an ever-expanding series of settlements was lost, but later opened.

"That the most productive farmland in the region, which supported the support of prosperous military citizens for at least 3,000 years, must re-examine, then keep in mind that human beings have long been researching asked. "

Meteorites should not cause the ground to change unimaginable devastation. One of the largest meteorological events in the & # 39; registered a history, a meteor (or perhaps a comet) decided to explode in the middle air, but not to get the ground. The event of Tunguska, 1908, for example, is believed to have been caused by a space fighter who worked on some hills over the ground, a tens of thousands of forest miles in the process. Fortunately, it happened in a free area and, according to the writer, did not believe that every human soul has designated.

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