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Noelia Marzol contuses internas of sex stories in the debate of "Millennials" – 27/11/2018

La ficción Millennials, generación garca The Net TV (lunchtime and four hours at 22.30 hours) arrancó con todo, con fuertes escenas de sexo. No fue una, ni dos … sino tres. Una por cada pareja protagonista, que calentó la pantalla.

In parallels, they have four romances of Benja (Nico Riera) and Ariana (Laura Laprida). Luego el Juanma (Juan Manuel Guilera) and Flor (Noelia Marzol). Finally, the Rodri (Matías Mayer) and Alma (Johanna Francella).

"Millennials Have a great sexual experience Because of this, it is because of the fact that those who have been experiencing the actuality. A meddling that lives, they meet with characters dramatic, "says Noelia Marzol, a diálogo with the program Por si moscas, by La Once Diez / Radio de la Ciudad.

Respecto de las fuertes escenas de sexo, la actriz aseguró: "They pens that I have to face the inconvenience, uno tiene miedo a quedar expuesto pero la verdad que chicos al todos actores jóvenes, tienen una cabeza abierta, respetan, preguntan hasta dónde se puede".

Juan Manuel Guilera and Noelia Marzol, a pigeon

Juan Manuel Guilera and Noelia Marzol, a fairy tale of "Millennials".

It will be the case that eligiers will not be able to move inappropriately: "They have come to an end with the anticipation and we have a look at what we have seen and what ".

"Have a look at my life and have fun It is a great idea that it is part of the misconception of my work, using a normal and a sexually transmitted state of the human mind. The escalation of the debut is that I have no idea. If you have to look at the hammer, me muero de celos aún sabiendo que es su trabajo, me moriría de celos ver en mi novio chapando con otra ", concluyó Noelia.

El elenco completo de

El elenco completo de "Millennials" (Net TV).

The tira, which arrives at 0.7 points of rating, with the accession to a coworking (a squad of comedies and a thousand-year-old tale), donde a group of young convivial laboratories. It is the excuse for the historians and their emotions to meet and the personal qualities of a complicated one.

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