Saturday , September 18 2021

new data on Chano’s health after leaving intensive care SHOW El Intransigent

Last Monday, the entertainment company at the local level was shocked by the emergency admission of Chano after turning out injured by a police officer while undergoing mental decompensation. The days went by and the singer of “Sa Bionyk” could maintain some clinical stability at the Otamendi Sanatorium, something like that was interviewed this Saturday.

“Drifting. 15:00 Chano broke. Urgent 3pm. I repeat, unfortunately it was decompensated #ChanoCharpentier after spending the night in a common room. The doctors do not know if they will be able to stabilize him “, informed Lío Pecoraro of the” Run Run of the show “as the new situation with which the celebrity would be confronted.

Journalist Guillermo Lobo gave other details about the singer’s health following Pecoraro’s claims and stated: Chano’s Health (16:45): He had no clinical relapses. “He has moments of fear and excitement leading the medical team to increase care and prevention.” listed on his Twitter account.

He then expanded the report: “His clinical studies provide acceptable values ​​and he remains a very delicate patient.” In addition to the gunshot, Chano is struggling with addictions, something that was proven this week when health professionals discovered illegal substances in his system.

“One day before he was shot by the police, Chano called 911. He called his mother ‘a crazy woman who wants to persecute me.’ “24 hours later, his family called the police and a psychiatrist because they could not control him. He was aggressive and hostile as a result of his drug addiction,” Mauro Szeta explained, explaining what happened before the episode.

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